BDO Greenlight Case Study

Attracting 4 x more candidates and growing a stronger talent pipeline.

BDO Greenlight is a leading provider of change management services in the Channel Islands and are part of the BDO Group.

Poised for growth, they needed to find talented change management professionals, and fast.

BDO Greenlight

4 x More Applicants

Attracting 4 x more applicants using Pinpoint's automated social recruiting system.

£14,000 Saving

In the first six weeks using Pinpoint, BDO Greenlight saved £14,000 in agency fees.

GDPR Compliance

Candidates have complete control of their data taking this admin burden away from the BDO Greenlight team.

Building a talent pipeline is really important for a company like ours. Pinpoint has allowed us to treat our recruitment process like a sales process and build a pipeline. We've got up and running and achieved results very fast.
Allam Zip BDO Greenlight
Allam Zia

Director, BDO Greenlight


Attracting More of the Best Talent

1. Attracting high quality applicants without spending a fortune

People are BDO Greenlight's core asset which is why they needed to hire great minds in order to deliver complex change projects for their clients.

The change management sector is competitive and good candidates are hard to find. BDO Greenlight puts a heavy emphasis on training and mentoring and are looking for people with raw talent and the right ingredients so that they can help them advance to the next level of their careers.

2. Reducing Recruitment Costs

Hiring through recruitment agencies, although fine, has been costly for BDO Greenlight and doesn’t put them in complete control of the process. So when they discovered a way to recruit higher quality candidates at a lower cost, they saw some immediate benefits.

The savings generated from the first two hires they made through Pinpoint mean they covered the cost of their entire year's Pinpoint subscription in just six weeks.

3. Increasing Applicant Quality

Conveying BDO Greenlight's employee value proposition is key to attracting more of the right candidates. By running branded recruitment ads through Pinpoint, they no longer rely solely on recruitment agencies to get the message across. This is increasing awareness of their employer brand in the marketplace and resulting in more direct applicants.

Since using Pinpoint, BDO Greenlight has far exceeded their expectations and hired two candidates within six weeks of using it, plus an additional four excellent candidates added to their talent pipeline.

From a cost perspective we've achieved a great ROI on Pinpoint
Allam Zip BDO Greenlight
Allam Zia

Director, BDO Greenlight


Their Success So Far

1. Four Times More Applicants

BDO Greenlight were impressed with the volume of applicants in such as short space of time. For a role that would usually only attract two or three applicants, they had twelve. They had "the pick of the bunch"" which was surprising given the competitive market conditions for talented change management professionals.

2. Financial Savings

In first 6 weeks of using Pinpoint, BDO Greenlight saved £14,000 in recruitment agency fees. With the expertise of the Pinpoint team and the tried-and-tested recruitment marketing engine that underpins the software, applicants are acquired at a very low cost.

3. Hiring The Best Talent

BDO Greenlight made two great hires in their first six weeks of using Pinpoint and have started building their own talent pipeline for the future with four engaged candidates that they can call on when the need arises.

Building a pipeline of quality candidates is essential for a company like BDO Greenlight - a professional services company that needs to be able to respond to a client need and re-engage with candidates quickly.

4. Remaining GDPR Compliant

As a professional services firm it's critical to ensure robust processes exist to ensure full compliance with the GDPR. Whilst this could have been costly and time-consuming to implement, Pinpoint provides a solution for all candidate data, giving BDO Greenlight complete peace of mind.

Pinpoint's built-in GDPR tools provide candidates with the ability to erase their data with just a couple of clicks without any manual intervention.

From a PR perspective the ads are getting us great brand awareness as well as giving us the pick of the bunch from a large number of high quality candidates.
Allam Zip BDO Greenlight
Allam Zia

Director, BDO Greenlight


How We Did It

It took BDO Greenlight just six weeks from going live with Pinpoint to making their first hire (and saving £14,000). Here's how the process worked:

1. Preparation

Our Customer Success team helped BDO Greenlight every step of the way and they launched Pinpoint 10 days ahead of schedule.

Training was provided for the HR team and key hiring managers throughout the company so that everyone was ready to hit the ground running once Pinpoint launched.

2. Launch

As part of the launch of the software, the team also set social media adverts live for BDO Greenlight's first vacancy. The team were slightly sceptical of the expected level of performance claimed during the sales process and were essentially waiting to see it with their own eyes.

3. Social Advertising

In competitive markets like change management, companies need a competitive edge to stay ahead of the game. Only relying on external agencies, to provide the best candidates is far from a winning strategy.

Whilst one half of Pinpoint's offering is an applicant tracking system which helps hiring teams streamline the selection process, the other half is an automated recruitment marketing tool that uses social advertising to increase the number of high-quality direct applicants.

BDO Greenlight's HR team can now run targeted recruitment advertising without the need to involve their marketing or IT teams. As well as attracting more applicants, the ads improve awareness of the company and employer brand sending a clear message to prospective clients and employees that they are a growing, successful business that can be relied upon for years to come.

4. Centralising Data

Like most businesses, BDO Greenlight wants to ensure they protect their candidate data. Having proven systems in place to house this data and keep in clean, is now more critical than ever. And this is not just because of recent legislation such as the GDPR, but because getting fast access to it gives the business a competitive edge. The right data at the right time gives businesses the ability to quickly access the talent they need.

Pinpoint centralises all candidate data, including skills and experience, enabling the business to quickly search for key candidate data points and find the right person in their talent pipeline with a few clicks. And as part of the section process, having a central place for comments, scorecards and communications means that anyone in the hiring team can get a holistic view of the candidate whenever they want and wherever they are.

5. Building a Talent Pipeline

Because BDO Greenlight had the pick of the bunch when choosing who to hire, they also had some great candidates who they couldn't employ right away. But this doesn't mean losing contact with them and having to start from scratch with a future role. Instead, BDO Greenlight are able to keep these candidates engaged in their talent pipeline, primed to be called upon when the need arises in the future.

Ready to start attracting more of the best talent?

If you have questions about how your team could reduce recruitment costs and make better, faster hires, we have an amazing team ready and waiting to support you.

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