Recruitment Trends in 2019

2019 Recruitment Trends Report

Navigating competitive talent markets isn’t a new challenge but recruitment teams are increasingly concerned about attracting enough quality candidates.
But where are the opportunities for improvement? What are others doing? What could you be doing differently? We start to unpack this in our 2019 Recruitment Trends report that you can download here.

2019 Recruitment Trends

About the Report

Our 2019 Recruitment Trends Survey brought together the anonymized thoughts, processes, strategies and opinions of leading recruitment experts. These are some of the key takeaways.

  • 77% of recruitment teams worry about attracting enough quality applicants.
  • Despite attracting applicants being the biggest challenge, only 19% of recruitment teams are using recruitment marketing software.
  • Most recruiters believe that passive candidates are as good as active candidates but they’re significantly underinvesting in the passive market.
  • Recruitment teams are consistently underinvesting in the candidate experience at the attraction stage with only 68% having a careers website and 38% not offering an online application process.
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