Candidate Email Management

Get candidate communication out of your inbox

No more copying in hiring teams on emails. No more overflowing inboxes. One simple, centralised timeline view for all your candidate communications.

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Two-Way Candidate Email

Do you know where all your candidate comms are?

Our candidate email management tools help you:

  • Know exactly what has been said to each candidate.
  • Keep all candidate communication in one accessible location.
  • Give your whole hiring team visibility of candidate communication.
  • Reduce unnecessary internal email.
  • Reduce requests for information from hiring managers.
  • Keep candidate data out of inboxes and make GDPR compliance easier.

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The use of automatic emails and templates speeds up your time spent on admin during the recruitment process.
Katie De Carteret

People and Culture Administrator

Candidate Email

How it Works

Email candidates

Using customisable templates to email candidates saves time and ensures consistency of messaging.

Candidate Email

View replies from candidates

Pinpoint will notify you when you receive a reply. Your emails to candidates, and their replies, are all stored in an easy-to-ready timeline.

Candidate Email Inbox

Comply with the GDPR

Built-in GDPR tools ensure that when a candidate deletes their data, their email history is deleted too.

Candidate Persona Template
Candidate Email Candidate Email Inbox Candidate Persona Template

Candidate Email Management FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be notified if a candidate replies to an email?

If a candidate replies to an email, you’ll get a notification in your own email inbox, as well as in Pinpoint itself.

Which emails are automated and which ones do I send manually?

When a candidate applies, is invited to an interview, or schedules an interview, they automatically receive an email. You can customize the content of this email by editing the appropriate email template.

Are candidate emails sent through Pinpoint branded?

All the emails you send from Pinpoint will be branded as your company.

Can I create my own email templates?

Yes, you can create as many templates as you like. Most of our users turn any email they regularly send to candidates into a template. These templates can then be send to lists of candidates in bulk, or used for one-off, individual emails.

Can I send bulk emails to groups of candidates?

Yes, you can select candidates based on the role they’ve applied for or their stage in the recruitment process and send a single email to all of them. The email can be easily customised with variables like their name or the job they’ve applied for to make it appear personal.

Can I see all my email communications with a candidate?

Yes, by clicking on the “messages” tab you can see every email you and your team have sent to, or received from, the candidate.

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