Social Recruiting Software

Consistently attract more of the best candidates.

By automatically advertising to passive candidates where they spend their time online, our hyper-targeted recruitment advertising software gets the right jobs in front of the right candidates with the click of a button.

Social Recruiting Software

No Waiting

Your marketing team's already stretched. Pinpoint gives you the power to attract great applicants with high performing recruitment marketing campaigns launched at the click of a button.

Faster Hiring

We know what works and we know what doesn't. Pinpoint automatically applies that learning to your recruitment campaigns helping you to consistently fill even your most challenging vacancies.

Always on Brand

The ads you run through Pinpoint are fully branded, advertised through your own ad platforms, and link to your branded recruitment website.

You shouldn't be Worrying About Attracting Applicants

But if you're like a most of our clients, some of the following will probably resonate with you:

  • You're manually connecting with potential candidates on LinkedIn and hoping they're interested in a role. You have some success but it's time consuming and unpredictable.
  • You know you could be doing more with recruitment marketing but don't have the time or the training.
  • Your marketing team's already busy enough and don't have time to spend helping you with recruitment marketing.
  • So you resort to job boards and when they don't provide anyone you want to hire, you end up spending a fortune on recruitment agencies.

Consistently Attracting The Best Candidates

Automated Social Recruiting is ideal if:

  • You want to stop worrying about getting enough good applicants.
  • You want to build a talent pipeline instead of relying on recruitment agencies.
  • You want to fill vacancies faster.
  • You want to prove an ROI on your recruitment advertising.
  • You want to build an employer brand.
  • You want to spend less time on sourcing and more time on selection.
  • You want talent attraction to become easier over time.

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Insight Group
In 12 years as a Global HR director for a firm in 10 locations, I looked at a number of tech solutions in this space and did not find a single one with the sophistication and ease of use of Pinpoint.
Simon Nash

Director, Insight Limited

Automated Social Recruiting

Anyone can do it and it works for any business.

Quickly create high performing social media recruitment campaigns with no IT or marketing experience necessary.

  • Create Your Adverts:
    Easy-to-use social media advert creation tools. No design or marketing experience necessary.
  • Automated Targeting:
    Pinpoint automatically sets targeting options to make sure your advert is shown to exactly the type of candidates you're looking for.
  • Prove ROI:
    Prove the ROI of your campaign with easy-to-understand statistics.
HR team using blind recruiting software