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Why UK Organizations Should Choose a UK Applicant Tracking System

October 20th, 2020 4 minute read
Pete Van Neste
Peter Van Neste
Head of Marketing
First up, massive respect to our US-based competitors. They’ve built some great products that are way ahead of what’s on offer from many of our UK-based counterparts.

But if you’re based in the UK and are trying to decide between a US or UK Applicant Tracking System vendor, this fact won’t make your decision any easier.

You see, something as simple as selecting a US or UK-based vendor, can really screw up your overall recruitment success.

Many UK companies fall into the trap of assuming US-based providers are bigger and better. Yes, everything’s certainly bigger – the US marketplace is absolutely ginormous and happens to be home to the largest English-speaking software market in the world.

But this doesn’t mean US-based applicant tracking software vendors are any better than their UK counterparts, especially where UK-based recruiters are concerned.

The way the US recruits is very different to the way the UK recruits.

We have customers in 49 countries (the vast majority of which are either here in the UK or over in North America) and have experienced the differences first hand.

These differences are a big deal, far bigger than you may realize and you need an ATS vendor that can offer regional understanding.

Argument #1: Lack of regional understanding

US-based ATS providers are ‘different.’ By this, we mean their approach is completely different – the way candidates are treated is different, the whole methodology around sourcing is extremely different, and so too are candidates’ expectations.

We recognise these differences and have adapted our products to suit the US market. But most US ATS vendors looking to sell into the UK market aren’t aware of them, and aren’t investing the time and effort that’s needed to make their product suitable for the local market. It’s not just as simple as retrofitting their solution into the UK either – those distinct differences need to be nailed from the outset.

The reality: Your team get frustrated with their new ATS, and your candidates don’t get the experience they were expecting from you.

Argument #2: Lack of support

Side-by-side, the UK is no comparison to the scale of the US. Unfortunately, the upshot of this is that US vendors looking to sell to the UK see it as a bit of an afterthought.

This means that the support that’s provided, coupled with the time zone differences, means most UK companies wind up with far less than they’d hoped for.

The reality: At best, the support experience is slow and doesn’t reflect what you’re paying. At worst, when you do finally speak to somebody, they’re not in a position of authority and don’t understand the way your business works, the market you’re recruiting into, or the challenges you’re facing that are unique to the UK.

The third argument for using (certain) UK ATS providers

We’re hoping by now that you’re feeling a lot clearer about the whole US ATS vs. UK ATS argument, which leads us to our next ATS-related quandary. Which UK ATS provider do you choose?

You see, the problem with most UK ATS vendors is that they’ve been around for a very long time. Surely, that’s a good thing right, they’re stable and established?

But here’s the thing, most of them aren’t set up to evolve as quickly as the recruitment market is evolving. As a result, their user experience leaves a lot to be desired from a candidate, hiring manager and recruiter perspective. That’s one side of the spectrum.

Or there’s the other side, the side that’s pioneering the next generation of UK recruitment software and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Yes, they may be perceived as being the new kids on the block, but these ‘youngsters’ have strong international client bases, are profitable, are built on modern technology, respond to customer requests and industry changes quickly, and are redefining the future of UK recruitment software.

We’d by lying if we said we haven’t just described ourselves. We may be relatively new, but we aren’t going anywhere. And, just so you know, our current response time for support is less than three minutes.

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