The solution for reducing recruitment costs

The fastest way to reduce recruitment costs.

Automated social advertising and a remarkable candidate experience is helping leading companies reduce recruitment costs by up to 83%.

Reduce recruitment costs

Automate your search

Get great opportunities in front of your dream candidates with just a few clicks.

Provide a great experience

Build a reputation as a great place to work and encourage people to apply.

Reduce recruitment costs

Source more candidates directly and reduce reliance on third parties when it comes to filling vacancies.

Jersey Electricity are reducing their recruitment costs by 83%.

They’ve also attracted 3x more applicants and filled some very competitive roles using Pinpoint’s social advertising tools. If this success continues, they’ll achieve a 20x ROI on Pinpoint this year.

83% Cost savings
20x ROI in year one
Claire Perchard

Reducing Recruitment Costs

Modern Technology Supporting Recruitment Best Practice

Attract the talent your business needs to thrive and make more direct hires.

1. Get clarity

Employee Value Proposition

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) represents the values and culture of your organisation as well as the the practical benefits for employees such as learning, growth and development opportunities.

Being clear about your Employee Value Proposition will help you to present opportunities to prospective applicants in a compelling way resulting in more applicants and more engaged candidates.

You can learn more about creating your EVP by arranging a free consultation with one of our experienced recruitment experts.

Two Employees Meeting

2. Present compelling opportunities

Engaging Recruitment Website

Easily create jobs within Pinpoint and have them automatically appear on your branded careers portal. No need to speak to speak to the IT department to get your website updated - you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes.

If you already have a dedicated careers site, you can easily connect it to Pinpoint, letting us take care of everything from the application form onwards, still reaping the benefits of our applicant tracking system.

Recruitment Website

3. Get in front of the best talent

Automated Social Advertising

Let potential applicants know you’re looking for them with highly targeted, social media advertisements that drive them to relevant opportunities on your recruitment website.

No need for any experience in marketing - adverts that deliver high quality candidates at low cost can be launched in just a few clicks.

Social Advertising

4. Quickly identify your best applicants

Candidate Selection Tools

Provided you have the tools to identify candidates that best match your vacancy, more candidates is always better.

Pinpoint provides easy-to-use tools to quickly identify candidates that will be a good fit.

Candidate Selection

5. Put your candidates in control

Candidate Communication Tools

Great communication with candidates is critical to keeping them engaged and excited about working with you (regardless of whether you choose to hire them for the role they applied for). Quickly email candidates individually or en-masse to keep them up to date with the progress of their application.

When it’s time to schedule interviews, invite candidates to choose a time that suits them based on the availability of your hiring team using Pinpoint’s interview scheduling tool.

Candidate Interview

6. Build a pool of engaged candidates

Talent Pipeline

Build a database of engaged candidates who you’ve already determined are a good fit for your organisation but you’re not yet ready to hire.

When you have a role to fill, quickly filter candidates to identify those that could be a good fit and then email them an invitation to apply. This form of outreach costs you nothing and taps into your unique pool of engaged candidates.


Still wondering how Pinpoint can help you reduce recruitment costs?

We have an amazing team ready and waiting to answer your questions and support you along the way.

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