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Pinpoint is end-to-end hiring software designed to make finding, engaging and hiring the right people simpler.
Better Candidates • Less Admin • Lower Recruitment Costs

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Attract More Applicants

Find and attract relevant, engaged applicants without relying on agencies.
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Be First Choice for the Best Candidates

Improve your candidate experience whilst automating your recruitment admin.
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Reduce Recruitment Costs by up to 83%

Build your own talent pipeline and make more direct hires.
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Why Choose Pinpoint

Attract and Hire More of the Best Talent

Attract the talent your business needs to thrive and offer a fantastic candidate experience throughout their application process.

Attract More Candidates Streamline Recruitment Admin Make Better Hires Reduce Recruitment Costs

Automated Social Recruiting

Use automated social advertising tools to create highly targeted social media recruitment campaigns at the click of a button.

Branded Careers Website

Set up a beautiful branded careers page without any technical support and have jobs updated automatically every time you create a new position.

Customisable Online Application Forms

Create custom application forms for each role, allowing you to capture the right information up-front and helping you filter candidates.

Candidate Source Reporting

Attracting more applicants is easy when you understand which channels are bringing you the best candidates at the lowest costs.

Talent Pipeline

Make recruitment progressively easier by building a database of warm candidates that are interested in joining your team.

Job Management

Create and advertise job vacancies in minutes - your careers website will update automatically with new job vacancies.

Candidate Data Management

Résumés, applications, hiring team comments, and candidate correspondence are all stored in Pinpoint and can be easily shared between team members.

Candidate Communications

Keep candidates up to date with professional, branded emails that you can send with just a few clicks.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Intuitive tools to remove the administrative burden of scheduling interviews whilst branding and improving the candidate experience.

Custom Hiring Workflows

Keep track of candidates as they move through each stage of your hiring process and quickly report on the progress of each vacancy.

Intelligent Candidate Filtering

Quickly identify candidates that fit your requirements with advanced filtering tools.

Standardised Candidate Profiles

Pinpoint automatically reads, extracts, and presents the contents of every candidate’s application and resume in a consistent fashion.

Blind Recruitment

Anonymize candidate profiles and remove bias from your recruitment process.

Collaborative Team Feedback

Easily review, rate and comment on candidates. Get a full overview, share thoughts and review feedback with your team.

Clarify Your Employee Value Proposition

It's more important than ever to communicate why someone would want to join your team. Get clarity with a free EVP consultation.

Present Compelling Opportunities

Use your branded recruitment website to present each vacancy in a way that will encourage the best talent to apply.

Get in Front of the Best Talent

Let potential applicants know you’re looking for them with highly targeted social media advertisements that drive them to relevant opportunities on your recruitment website.

Quickly Identify The Best Applicants

Easily review, rate and comment on candidates. Get a full overview, share thoughts and feedback with your team.

Reduce Admin with Streamlined Processes

Free up time from admin and reinvest it in growing your team.

Build Your Talent Pipeline

When you have a role to fill, quickly filter candidates to identify those that could be a good fit and then email them an invitation to apply.

Jersey Electricity are reducing their recruitment costs by 83%.

They’ve also attracted 3x more applicants and filled some very competitive roles using Pinpoint’s social advertising tools. If this success continues, they’ll achieve a 20x ROI on Pinpoint this year.

83% Cost savings
20x ROI in year one
Claire Perchard

Secure data available anywhere

All Pinpoint data is encrypted securely in the Cloud, giving candidates confidence and meeting your business' GDPR requirements.

Comprehensive reporting and analysis

Unlock recruitment insights for your business and start forecasting with comprehensive reporting and analysis tools.

Collaborative team feedback

Work with your whole team to easily rate and comment on candidates, keeping feedback together and improving the way you filter candidates.

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