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Make better hiring decisions—faster

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and email threads. From candidate communication to interview scheduling Pinpoint takes care of the admin, so you can focus on your candidates.

Applicant Tracking System

Create, track, and approve job requisitions the easy way.

Take the friction out of job requisition approval with multi-stage workflows and unlimited levels of sign-off.

Fill future vacancies—easily—with Pinpoint’s talent pool software

Build a database of engaged candidates that you know you like—and surface them quickly when new roles are open.
Talent Pool Software

Schedule interviews without leaving your ATS

Automated interview scheduling software to eliminate back-and-forth emails and reduce no-shows.
Interview Scheduling Software

Everything you need to know about a candidate in one location

Easily search for candidate profiles then surface their whole history including applications, summary, résumé, hiring team feedback, and communication history. Get summaries of their experiences and qualifications to review profiles more efficiently.
Candidate Profiles

Video Interviewing

Schedule interviews on your favourite video platforms.

Better screening decisions, a better candidate experience, and easier remote hiring. Integrate with popular tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to easily manage candidate video interviews right within Pinpoint.
Video Interview Integration

Keep everyone up to date and spend less time on email.

No more copying in hiring teams. No more overflowing inboxes. A centralized inbox and customizable templates makes great candidate communication fast, easy, and consistent.
Candidate Communication Management

Reduce bias in your recruitment process

Automatically anonymize applications and ensure hiring teams assess applicants exclusively on their experience and skills.
blind recruitment software

Make choosing who to hire faster, fairer, and more objective.

Enable hiring teams to score candidates against the interview criteria that matter most. Quickly identify candidates who score best for the role you need to fill.

Get candidates to “yes”—faster—with offer letter software

Remove roadblocks in the final hiring stages for a seamless experience. Pinpoint is the applicant tracking system with offer letter software built in.
Offer Management Software

Team Collaboration

The easy way to engage your team.

Create multiple hiring teams, configure permissions, and set up notifications, ensuring the right people get the right information at the right time.
Hiring Team Collaboration

Increase efficiency with recruitment workflow software

Spend less time chasing, and more time hiring. Streamline recruitment workflows and keep everyone up to date, automatically.
Recruitment Workflow Software

Multilingual Candidate Experience

Your candidate experience in your candidate’s language.

Offer your careers website, application forms, and candidate emails in multiple languages. Attract more applicants, offer a better candidate experience, and improve the diversity of your talent pool.
Multilingual Candidate Experience

Get feedback, and improve your candidate experience.

Get feedback from your candidates, presented in a beautiful report, with actionable insights.
Candidate Experience Survey Software

Make better hiring decisions with the right data

Track key metrics at a glance with our simple dashboard. Analyze a wealth of recruitment data with advanced reports.
Custom recruitment Report Builder

Capture attention from more qualified candidates


Less manual admin, more successful new hires

Take control of your recruitment today

Attract, hire, and retain top talent. Pinpoint is the end-to-end talent acquisition software with unlimited support included.