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Candidate Scorecard Software

Make choosing who to hire faster, fairer, and more objective.

Focus on what matters most, and make better decisions at every stage of the interview process with customizable candidate scorecards.

Focus on what matters

Give hiring teams a framework to evaluate candidates based on the factors that matter most.

Fair and objective

Reduce the risk of bias by scoring candidates against a consistent set of criteria.

Flexible and human

You can’t capture everything with numbers. Easily collate notes from your hiring team against each candidate.

How it works

Build your scorecards.

Create as many interview scorecards as you like. Most hiring teams use at least two scorecards for each vacancy – one for culture fit, another for technical skills specific to the role. Not sure where to begin? We’ll help craft some scorecard templates to get you started.

Consolidate feedback.

Each member of the hiring team scores each candidate on the same set of criteria.

Use different interview scorecards for each type of role and each stage of the interview process. No more chasing for feedback – send automatic reminders to people who’ve forgotten to complete a scorecard.
interview Scorecard Feedback

Easily identify the best candidates.

Use the aggregated scores to quickly rank candidates by the factors you care about most.
Organize Candidate Interview Scorecards

Candidate Scorecards Frequently Asked Questions


What is a candidate scorecard?


A candidate scorecard (also called an interview scorecard, hiring scorecard, interview evaluation form, or candidate score sheet) is a tool used by hiring teams to score job candidates in a way that’s consistent, fair, and considers the most important criteria for the role.


When should candidate scorecards be used?


Hiring teams can benefit from using scorecards at all stages of the interview process, from shortlisting to final interviews.


Should scorecards be unique to each role?


Candidate scorecards are usually customized to each business / department / location / role. Whilst some criteria may be consistent across the whole business, each location, department, and job will likely have some unique criteria.

Pinpoint allows hiring teams and managers to customize based on their preferences and how they work best. It’s so agile and able to fit our needs, regardless of where we might be in the hiring process.
Rachel Todd
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Icario

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