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Candidate Experience Survey Software

Get actionable feedback, and improve your candidate experience.

Get feedback from your candidates, presented in a beautiful report, with actionable insights.

Candidate Experience Survey Software

Get candidate feedback

Automatically request feedback from every candidate who’s been part of your recruitment process.

Improve your candidate experience

Use the feedback to identify areas of your candidate experience that need improvement.

Track your progress

Measure how changes to your recruitment process impact your candidates.

How it Works

Create the survey

Create the survey email, and decide when to send it.
Create Candidate Experience Survey

Send the Survey

The survey is automatically emailed to candidates at the end of the recruitment process, on a timeline you decide.

Report on the results

Report on response rates, your candidate experience score, and comments from candidates. See how different teams compare, and track your progress over time.
Candidate Experience Survey Report

Candidate Experience Survey FAQs


How is the candidate experience score calculated?


The candidate experience score is calculated as a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Here’s how it’s calculated:

The survey

  1. Candidates are asked how likely they are to recommend your organization to a friend or colleague, based on the experience they had.
  2. Candidates that give a rating of 9 or 10 are your “promoters”.
  3. Candidates that give a rating of 7 or 8 are considered to be “passive”.
  4. Candidates that give a rating between 1 and 6 are “detractors”.

Calculating the score

The candidate experience NPS is a number ranging from -100 to 100, and is calculated as the percentage of promoters, minus the percentage of detractors. If all your candidates are promoters, the NPS is 100. If they’re all detractors, the score is -100.

A positive NPS means you have more promoters than detractors.


What is considered to be a good candidate experience score?


A candidate experience NPS of 50 or above is considered to be excellent. The closer to 100 your score, the more promoters you have.


When will candidate surveys be sent out?


There are three triggers for candidate surveys:

  • When a candidate is moved to the “hired” stage of a workflow.
  • When a candidate is tagged as rejected.
  • When the job is archived (for any candidate that hasn’t already been sent their candidate experience survey).