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Article is Growing at Hyperspeed Without Sacrificing Candidate Experience

When Brad Clark joined Article in August 2020 as the Manager of Talent Acquisition, he inherited a team of two people who were also new to the brand. Together, the three of them built out a whole new TA function at a company of 400 employees. “We started from ground zero,” he told us.

Fast-forward to today, and Article has added 1,000 employees (and counting). In less than a year, Brad and the rest of the TA team (now a team of 20) scaled Article’s headcount from 600 to more than 1,300—a period of hypergrowth, if you’ll allow us a little startup slang. Brad credits Pinpoint with helping them ride that wave.

Read on to learn how this digital-first, direct-to-consumer furniture company more than doubled their headcount in less than a year with Pinpoint by their side. 

Hiring is a major priority in an organization experiencing growth like that. If an ATS can’t keep up, the pitchforks come out. The fact that we survived hyperscaling from 600 employees to more than 1,300 in less than a year is the best testament to our success with Pinpoint.

Brad Clark
Director of Talent Acquisition at Article

Simple = scalable

Article sells midcentury modern furniture that ships directly to consumers—but culturally, they’re more akin to a tech startup than a furniture company. The company was founded by engineers, and when you browse their furniture using their sleek UI, it shows. 

Article’s employer brand ethos reflects the clean simplicity of its products. Their topmost goal is to keep the hiring process simple for candidates, hiring managers, and the TA team. “Simple is scalable,” Brad told us. The teams own and drive the hiring process, which works from the bottom up, so “Particles” (the people at Article) are intimately involved in the hiring process.

Before Pinpoint, Article used another applicant tracking system (ATS). It worked fine, but the team had outgrown its capabilities. “It was the wrong size tool for our needs,” Brad told us. 

Armed with a shortlist of about 20 options, they started to shop. With the team, Brad created a scorecard to compare the different features of each tool and determine which one they liked best. “At the end of the day, it was about our priorities, because no tool is perfect,” he said.

Of course, you wouldn’t be reading this if they’d decided on anything other than Pinpoint as the perfect applicant tracking system for their startup


Competing for talent with a great candidate experience

Article regularly hires delivery drivers and tech employees, both hyper-competitive asks in a candidate-driven market. So creating a seamless candidate experience was Article’s top priority, and Pinpoint outshone the competition. Also, Brad says, “We wanted to work with a tool that was ascending. We wanted to partner with someone who would continue evolving and improving.”

Pinpoint has since exceeded those expectations. All 20 Talent Acquisition professionals at Article use Pinpoint “all day, every day,” and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“The evolution of the tool has been really key in how we mature and how we make the process easier for everyone,” says Brad. His team loves seeing the number of new features that get released and the speed at which they go live. As early adopters, they try to weave new features into their workflow as soon as they see them.

Which isn’t to say there haven’t been growing pains. Article was just diving into hypergrowth mode when they onboarded Pinpoint, so they were changing both their system and building their processes at the same time. “There was a lot going on, to say the least,” Brad told us. That said, the team found Pinpoint so intuitive to use that it wasn’t a big lift to get everybody trained and using the new platform. 

The little things matter

As another tech company dedicated to the idea of constant improvement, Article has been one of Pinpoint’s most engaged partners. They’ve been active participants in several integrations, including job boards like Indeed Apply and Certn for background checks.

They’ve even inspired some new features. For instance, when Article decided to focus on inclusion as the first step to increasing diversity, they wanted to provide a way for candidates to specify their pronouns when applying. So they looped us in, and we made it happen—together.

“Pinpoint took that rough idea and made it go live incredibly quickly,” Brad said. Now, candidates have the opportunity to share that detail up front if they choose, so they feel welcome from their earliest interactions with Article.


All these little things add up and matter.

Article’s approach to Talent Acquisition can be summarized as “candidate-first,” so their favorite features in Pinpoint support that mission. 

Candidate experience surveys have been a helpful ongoing feedback tool, arming Article with data about what’s working and what isn’t. According to the surveys, says Brad, “The candidate experience is really strong. Pinpoint is easy to use—we’ve heard that quite often. There’s no friction up front.” The team also enjoys the self-scheduling interviews, which make the whole process seamless for candidates and hiring managers alike. 


Know your priorities

When we asked Brad to compare Pinpoint to his previous ATS, he said, “We could do everything we needed to before; we just couldn’t do it as well. We do a lot of things a lot better now.”

One of those things is as simple as speedy communication between our team and Article’s. “I have been so surprised and impressed at the customer support,” he said.

Myself, my team, or even hiring managers can go in, send a quick chat, and get an instant reply back. It’s just delightful, to be honest. That two-way communication has been great.

Brad also shared his best buying advice for anyone currently searching for an ATS. “No ATS is going to tick every box, so prioritize what matters to you. For us, it was candidate experience and making the process as easy as possible.”

Wondering if Pinpoint is right for you?

At Pinpoint, we are genuinely passionate about what we do, and we’re equally passionate about supporting our customers who feel the same. Check out our demo video to learn more.

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