Candidate Profiles

Everything you need to know about a candidate in one place.

Easily search for candidate profiles then surface their whole history including application forms, candidate summary, resume, hiring team feedback, and communication timeline.

Candidate Profiles

Candidate Search

Quickly Identify The Right Candidates

Surface Talent Pipeline Candidates

Pinpoint automatically surfaces candidates from your talent pipeline that could be a good fit for a role.

Candidate Search in Talent Pipeline

Search Applications

Using “yes / no” questions on your application form makes qualifying candidates even easier.

Candidate Application Search

Rank By Scorecards

Once your hiring team has scored your candidates, quickly identify the best candidates by any of the scorecard criteria you defined.

Candidate Scorecards

Advanced Candidate Search

Search for candidates currently in your hiring process or talent pipeline with free text or pre-defined criteria including application stage, location, department, date applied, and date of last activity.

Advanced Candidate Search
Candidate Search in Talent Pipeline Candidate Application Search Candidate Scorecards Advanced Candidate Search
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Candidate Profiles

Inside a Candidate Profile

Review Applications

See all of the answers from the application form as well as a summary of the candidate produced automatically by Pinpoint.

Candidate Application

View the Candidate's Resume

Pinpoint parses the candidate's resume and displays it in a standardised format whilst also giving you the option to download the original.

Candidate Resume

Give Internal Feedback with Scorecards

Hiring managers rate candidates based on criteria relevant to the role they've applied for.

Candidate Scorecards
Candidate Application Candidate Resume Candidate Scorecards

Candidate Communications

A History of Every Interaction


View a complete timeline of comments and ratings left by your hiring team.

Candidate Profile Comments


One central place to store all of the communication you send to, or receive from, the candidate.

Candidate Profile Messages


Send and receive email directly within Pinpoint. Start from scratch or use a pre-defined template that is automatically personalized with the candidate's information.

Candidate Profile Messages
Candidate Profile Comments Candidate Profile Messages Candidate Profile Messages

Candidate Profiles FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a candidate profile?

A candidate profile in an applicant tracking system like Pinpoint provides one central reference point for all of the information you hold on a candidate including:

  • Parsed resume and original resume
  • Details submitted on the application form
  • A summary of the candidate
  • Hiring team feedback

What is a candidate summary?

The candidate summary provided by Pinpoint is different to the personal summary that the candidate includes on their CV. The candidate summary in Pinpoint is automatically generated and is based on the information in the candidate’s CV and other information provided as part of their application.

What are candidate scorecards?

Candidate scorecards are used by hiring teams to evaluate candidates consistently and fairly throughout the hiring process. Hiring team members can evaluate candidates at different stages (from initial selection through to interview) on pre-defined criteria that are customised to suit the company / location / department / job. These scores can then be combined, and used to quickly identify the highest scoring candidates for each set of criteria.

What is resume parsing?

Resume parsing is the process of programmatically extracting data from resumes. This parsed data can then be presented in almost any format, easily searched, or temporarily anonymised to allow for recruitment processes like blind recruitment.

The data that a resume parser will typically extract includes: name, contact information, skills, and work experience.

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