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Talent Pool Software

Fill future vacancies—easily—with Pinpoint’s talent pool software

Build a database of engaged candidates that you know you like—and surface them quickly when new roles are open.

Talent Pool Software

Trusted by leading talent acquisition teams

Manage a pipeline of qualified talent—at scale

Build a pipeline

Easily capture speculative applications and keep information up-to-date.

Identify best-fit talent

Quickly surface qualified applicants for each new job opening.

Manage in bulk

Bulk upload great candidates. Invite all your favorite candidates to apply with one click.

Start each search off strong with a pre-vetted pool of top talent

Capture interest

Never miss out on top talent.

Make it easy for candidates to express an interest in working for your organization with a simple online form.

Even if there’s not a specific vacancy they’re interested in right now, you can save their information for future opportunities.
Talent Pool Software

Grow your network of great candidates

Do you remember every candidate you interviewed, liked, but didn’t hire?

Invite the runners-up to join your talent pool with a simple branded email.

Keep track of candidates from referrals, job boards, social media, events, and anywhere else you source great talent.

Automate email touch points to ensure passive candidates are still interested and their profiles are current to keep your talent pool up-to-date and compliant with data protection regulations.
Invite to Talent Pool

Identify best-fit candidates

Make the search for qualified candidates easier on your team.

When you have a new vacancy, quickly surface the best candidates with Pinpoint’s powerful Boolean search.

Identify great candidates and share a shortlist with managers using tags and filters.

See each candidate's full history, including previous roles they applied to, scorecards, and comments.

Comment on candidates and flag the best matches for your colleagues.
Talent Pool Invitation

Common questions about Pinpoint’s talent pool software


Can you bulk add candidates to the talent pool?


Pinpoint’s bulk uploading tools help you add multiple new candidates to your system with ease. You can do so by uploading a spreadsheet of candidate data or by uploading multiple résumés and letting Pinpoint automatically parse the candidate’s details. Learn more here.


Are you able to filter the talent pools based on their skills?


Yes. When a candidate uploads their resume, our system automatically extracts and adds relevant skills to their profile. You can manually add or edit skills on a candidate’s profile. And then you can use those skills when filtering candidates in your talent pipeline. See how it works here.


What do talent pipeline email automations look like?


When you have great candidates that you want to save for future opportunities, you can send them an email asking them to join your talent pool. You can see examples of the automated talent pool invite emails here.

Then, Pinpoint automatically surfaces potential good-fit candidates from your talent pool against every open vacancy. From that shortlist, you can send candidates an email asking them to apply for the job.

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How Twinings shortened time to hire by 63%

Discover how the Twinings team used Pinpoint’s candidate management and interview scheduling tools to increase efficiency and save over £500,000 in agency fees.

Twinings Applicant Tracking System UK
Pinpoint is a user-friendly, seamless process that supports the candidate experience and manages expectations across the team.
Hannah Clarke
Talent Acquisition Manager, River Island

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