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Hiring Workflow Management Software

Increase efficiency with recruitment workflow software

Spend less time chasing, and more time hiring. Streamline recruitment workflows and keep everyone up to date, automatically.

Recruitment Workflow Software

Trusted by leading talent acquisition teams

Build custom recruitment workflows—and easily edit them over time

Save time

Speed up sign offs and spend less time chasing with automatic notifications.

Customize for your processes

Use standard recruitment workflows or customize them for each of your unique hiring processes.

Control permissions

Give the right people access to the necessary information with user roles and permissions.

Automate your hiring process with Pinpoint’s recruitment workflow tools

Create custom workflows

Different roles require different hiring processes.

Match your recruitment workflows to the steps your hiring team follows in the real world.

Create as many workflows as you need for different teams and processes.

Re-use workflow templates over time. Easily edit them even after they are built.
Custom Recruitment Workflows

Keep everyone up-to-date

A great candidate experience means never leaving them to wait.

Send candidates personalized emails based on their stage in the recruitment process.

Give your team greater visibility over the hiring process with automatic notifications.
Recruitment Workflow Stages

Move candidates through the process—faster

Minimize bottlenecks and keep candidates moving through the process with a more efficient workflow.

Build in background checks to ensure your process is compliant.

Use Job Requisition and Offer Management stages to get approvals from your team, and signatures from your candidates.

Keep personal candidate data out of inboxes and make compliance with data protection regulations easier.
Recruitment Workflow Approvals

Common questions about Pinpoint’s hiring workflow management software


Can we customize workflows?


Yes. In Pinpoint’s applicant tracking system, you will create templates defining the separate stages in the hiring process that you want for any given job vacancy. Once one is created it can be used for any job vacancies that you create in the future.

You may wish to create a hiring workflow for each type of hire, so for example you could have separate hiring workflows for junior hires, middle-level management hires, executive hires, and technical hires, with the more junior hires having fewer stages than the senior hires. Additionally, you may want a slightly different workflow for a customer-facing hire, for example, with a role-playing exercise forming part of the hiring process.

Learn more about creating and customizing workflows here.


Can we make assessments a stage?


Yes. You can add assessments into your hiring workflows via our integrations. You can see all our assessment integration partners here.


Can we make compliance a stage? Can it be done before the hired stage?


Yes. You can add background checks into your hiring workflows via our integrations. You can see all our background check integration partners here. You can assign background checks before the offer signing and onboarding stages. Learn more about creating and customizing workflows here.

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How Twinings shortened time to hire by 63%

Discover how the Twinings team used Pinpoint’s candidate management and interview scheduling tools to increase efficiency and save over £500,000 in agency fees.

Twinings Applicant Tracking System UK
Pinpoint allows hiring teams and managers to customize based on their preferences and how they work best. It’s so agile and able to fit our needs, regardless of where we might be in the hiring process.
Rachel Todd
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Icario

Discover how you can increase efficiency with Pinpoint’s hiring workflow management software