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Blind Recruitment Software

Reduce unconscious bias with blind recruitment software

Ensure your team assesses applicants based exclusively on their experience and skills. Anonymize applications and résumés in your ATS with Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software.

Blind Recruitment Software

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Blind résumé screening, made easy


Spend less time on manual anonymization with blind hiring built in to your ATS.


Select the blind hiring option on a job-by-job basis. Adjust settings to fit your team’s needs.


Give the right people on your team access to the right information, at the right time.

The ATS with blind recruitment software built in

Anonymize applications and résumés

Manual anonymization is time-consuming and vulnerable to human error.

That’s why we were among the first to build anonymized screening into our platform.

Save hours per week with Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software.

Assess applicants exclusively on their experience and skills while redacting identity details that could introduce bias into the recruitment process.
blind recruitment software

Share necessary information with hiring managers

When hiring managers review applications, they won’t see any redacted identity details, but they will be able to evaluate candidates based on experience, skills, and qualifications.

Once a candidate accepts an interview invite, Pinpoint will automatically reveal their details so your team knows who they’re meeting.
Blind recruitment software

Tailor the settings to your needs

Each team will have a different approach to blind hiring.

Pinpoint lets you adjust your preferences to keep or redact certain information like education history.

Or you may only want to use anonymized hiring on certain roles.

In just one click, you can enable Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software on a job-by-job basis or across your whole company.
Blind recruitment software

Common questions about Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software


Can I use Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software with my existing applicant tracking system?


It’s not currently possible use Pinpoint’s blind hiring software as a stand-alone feature alongside your existing applicant tracking system.

We do have several clients that have switched to using Pinpoint as their applicant tracking system because of our diversity and inclusion features. Many of these clients use one of our standard or custom integrations to push candidate data into their existing HR and payroll systems.

For more information about integrations and how other companies are approaching this, you can visit our integrations page or speak to our team.


What information does Pinpoint anonymize?


Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software can redact personal details (like name and phone number), work details, referees, education details, locations, dates, and gender. Pinpoint offers redaction options so you can choose to keep some of this information. Learn more about these options here.


Can I edit what information is anonymized?


Pinpoint’s redaction system can be adjusted so that certain items like education history can remain visible in the resume, or redacted. Learn more about these options here.


How do you get hiring managers to buy into using blind recruitment?


For some hiring managers, anonymized hiring can be intimidating. Will they be able to make informed decisions without certain candidate details? How will they know who they are interviewing?

You can assure managers that they will still be able to evaluate candidates based on what matters, including experience, skills, and certifications. Plus, Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software isn’t all or nothing: you can choose what information you want to redact and consult with managers on which jobs may not require blind hiring.

Once candidates accept an interview, their information is automatically revealed, so hiring managers will always know who they are meeting.

The team at Tata Chemicals had these same concerns—but thanks to Pinpoint’s user-friendly anonymization tools, they’ve only gotten positive feedback from hiring managers. Learn more about their experience with Pinpoint here.

See Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software in action

How Brooklyn Data Co saved over 2 hours a week in manual anonymization

BDC needed an ATS as flexible and people-focused as they are—and they found their match in Pinpoint.

Brooklyn Data Company Diversity Recruiting Software
[We’re] able to blind the CVs as and when we need to and it’s just a really user-friendly experience.
Sophie Rogers
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Twinings

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