Tom Burston in Pinpoint Office

My Last Day at Standard Bank. My First Day at Pinpoint.

My inspiration for writing this post is simple. I’ve made a life choice to move and leave a place I really loved behind. All because I genuinely believe in the business I’m joining, Pinpoint, and the solution they offer.

Let me start by describing my last few years as it’s safe to say there’s been a lot of change.

My recruitment career began in the agency world. A world that I loved at the time, but ultimately I look back and realise didn’t suit me as well as I thought it did.

I quickly understood that to succeed as a consultant, your best client is the one you earn the most from. Your best candidate is the one that you can make the most out of placing. All of this is built on the philosophy that billings are more important than doing the right thing, and that hitting targets is more important than the candidates you “serve”.

And then the opportunity came up to take on a huge in-house recruitment challenge which saw me become Resourcing Partner at Standard Bank with complete responsibility for the whole recruitment strategy and consequential roll out across the offshore businesses for the last few years.

It’s been a massive chance for me to prove myself as someone who not only loves recruitment but someone who can show that success in recruitment is not just about £’s.

And today, that time with Standard Bank ends.

I look back at the time I’ve spent at Standard Bank with a huge smile. They’ve helped me to understand that resourcing is at the heart of driving a business forward. That’s why the right technology disruption in the talent acquisition space will have ripple effects globally. It affects every business on the planet.

What’s next?

I’m joining a recruitment software company, Pinpoint, as a Client Engagement Specialist.

In my time at Standard Bank, we reduced agency sourcing year on year and saw direct sourcing move from 41% in 2017, to 71% in 2018, and 87% year-to-date (2019). Time to offer came down from 40 working days to 26 days.

These cost savings were re-distributed throughout the business and the time saved allowed us to recruit smarter and faster. I am proud of what we achieved.

But I know we could do so much more. And the next focus had to be our choice of technology.

In Pinpoint I’ve found a company providing the sourcing and selection software I wish we’d had at Standard Bank – the tools that would have helped us to increase our direct sourcing faster, take it further, and truly future proof the progress we made.

What I’ll be doing day-to-day

What exactly is a Client Engagement Specialist?

Whilst my job is to sell Pinpoint’s software we only succeed when our clients succeed and, having been at the heart of a huge company's resourcing strategy and implementation, I genuinely feel that I am in a great position to advise first. Sell second.

That’s why we only take on clients where we know we can add real value to their recruitment process. That’s why we are happy to spend so much time and money creating great resources to help Talent Acquisition teams attract and hire more of the best talent. And that’s why we don’t mind picking up the phone and offering a bit of free advice.

The team that I’m building to support our own growth won’t be made up of traditional sales people. Instead, we’re hiring recruitment consultants (internal and agency side) from a wide range of industries.

If people decide to go on and buy our software that’s great. If not, we just hope we’ve helped them along the way.

To that end, feel free to drop me a line and arrange a coffee. I’d love to catch up with you.

Why Pinpoint?

I could sit here and quote all the numbers on delivery cost to hire savings etc – but I won’t (you can see some of them in this case study if you’re really interested).

Recruitment will consistently change over the next few decades. I genuinely believe Pinpoint is the right business for me to have joined at this time, and could well be the right solution to help you make better hires as our industry continues to change.

If you want to get in touch, you can find me on LinkedIn here, drop me an email to, or give me a call on +44 203 318 9441.

About the Author Tom Burston

Tom is a Client Engagement Specialist at Pinpoint. Before joining Pinpoint Tom headed up recruitment for the offshore business of Standard Bank.