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Pinpoint vs Lever

The Best Applicant Tracking System for In-House Talent Teams

Pinpoint is the Lever alternative for in-house talent teams that value flexibility, user experience, and powerful built-in reporting.

Alternative Pinpoint

Why choose Pinpoint vs. Lever?

First, we’d like to acknowledge to the team at Lever. They’ve built a great product that helps loads of businesses—especially those with a focus on outbound recruitment. And if you’re here to understand the difference between Pinpoint and Lever, or looking for a Lever Alternative that will help you to attract, hire, and onboard more of the right customers you're in the right place.

Sure, there are feature and product differences between Pinpoint and Lever that we’ll dive into further down the page but, at its core, Pinpoint was built for in-house recruitment teams that care about candidate experience, user experience, and flexibility.

If you’re responsible for attracting and hiring the right people we know how much time you could save with the right automation, how you wish you could offer your candidates a better experience, and why you need an applicant tracking system that’s powerful but easy to use. We built Pinpoint for you.

Pinpoint Support Team

Why people choose Pinpoint

We asked our top sales reps and customer success managers why people choose Pinpoint


You probably don’t use the same workflow for every hire. With unlimited custom workflows, unlimited custom templates, unlimited custom fields, and a custom report builder, you get total control over how you want to hire.

Need something simple? We’ll get you set up with our simple out-of-the-box templates.
Custom Hiring Workflows

Quick to implement, easy to manage

No need for a dedicated person to manage your applicant tracking system.

Pinpoint’s designed to be super configurable—you can configure the system yourself or our customer success team will do the heavy lifting for you as part of your implementation process. Need changes made or some training for new team members? We’re here for that too.
Pinpoint Support Team

Design and user experience

Unless you can attract great candidates, get your team on board, and keep hiring managers engaged you won’t get the most from your applicant tracking system.

We invest a huge amount of time and money into design and user experience ensuring we build one of the most intuitive, beautiful applicant tracking systems—for you, your candidates, and your hiring managers.
Pinpoint ATS Design

It's built for your candidates, as well as your team

Everything else is pointless if you can’t attract the right candidates. That's why we've invested so much in helping give your candidates a great experience.

Their experience begins with a media-rich careers website that gives them the information they want (without having to ask for it) and ends with a candidate experience survey that enables you to collect feedback and improve on what you over time. And there's plenty in between—from the easy-to-complete application forms, to self-serve interview scheduling and a digital onboarding process.
Create Candidate Experience Survey

Say hello to industry leading support

Support at Pinpoint is a bit different. You get access to the support team through in-app live chat who respond in under 2 minutes, on average. From there you can take the conversation to a phone call, screen share, or email.

Pinpoint Support Team

Say goodbye to hidden costs, for good

Lever has a comparatively complex pricing structure. That’s great if you’ve got the financial resources to opt for the most expensive plans straight away, but it’s less than ideal if you want a full applicant tracking system without breaking the bank.

We know that hidden costs and locked features are popular in the recruitment software industry. We just don’t want to hide our most useful features behind an upgrade button.

Whether you’re a massive corporation looking to gain an edge on the competition, a start-up in your early stages of growth, or anything in between, you’ll be able to make use of unlimited customizable workflows, automation tools, and our powerful custom report builder.

Don’t just take our word for it

Pinpoint's a top-rated applicant tracking system on leading software review sites

Pinpoint vs Lever Reviews
It wasn't even a question. Pinpoint was clearly the better choice. Hop on a 30-minute call and let them show you what else is out there.
Tory, People Operations

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