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Pinpoint vs Workable

The Best Applicant Tracking System for Building Your Employer Brand

Pinpoint is the Workable alternative for teams that believe a strong employer brand is the best way to attract qualified candidates and repel the wrong ones.

Workable Alternative Pinpoint

Workable Alternative

Why choose Pinpoint vs. Workable?

First, kudos to Workable. They’ve built a great product that's used by organizations all over the world. If you’re here to find a Workable alternative or to understand the difference between Pinpoint and Workable you’re doing the right thing.

Sure, there are product and feature differences between Pinpoint and Workable but the biggest difference is in how we approach recruiting.

We believe that building an employer brand that compels more of the right candidates to apply, and repels the wrong ones is the best way to hire and 100% of our focus is on giving you the tools to make that happen.

Pinpoint Support Team

The difference is in our approach to hiring

We believe that every company and job is different. That’s why our focus is on tools to help you build an employer brand that’ll have the right candidates knocking down your door—things like media-rich job descriptions, best-in-class job board integrations, and flexible workflows that enable you to tailor your recruitment process for each team or job.

On the other hand, one of Workable’s main selling points is a database of 85 million people that you can search and reach out to. Think of it like a Boolean search on LinkedIn, built into your ATS.

This difference in approach goes beyond features. Workable has hundreds of job description templates that you can copy. But we believe that every job description needs to be unique if you’re going to stand out to the right candidates. So we don’t provide templates. Instead you get unlimited access to our customer success team and educational resources to help you craft a unique job ad that attracts the right candidates and repels the wrong ones.

It wasn't even a question. Pinpoint was clearly the better choice. Hop on a 30-minute call and let them show you what else is out there.
Tory, People Operations

Why people choose Pinpoint

We asked our top sales reps and customer success managers why people choose Pinpoint

Build a talent pipeline

We believe that building a database of candidates that want to work for you (and you want to work with) is a better approach to recruitment than cold outreach to a list of people you found by searching an online database.

Use Pinpoint’s talent pipeline feature to build talent pools from speculative applicants, near hires, and people in your network. Pinpoint automatically surfaces candidates that would be a good fit against each job you create.
Talent Pool Pipeline Refresh

Flexibility to tailor your process

Candidates expect a personalized experience and that means tailoring your process for each type of role you’re hiring—different seniorities, different departments, different locations.

Pinpoint’s unlimited custom workflow templates and unlimited custom scorecards enable you to design the right recruitment process for the type of person you’re hiring.

Want to change a workflow once you’ve started hiring? No problem—you can customize your workflows on a job-by-job basis at any time.
Custom Hiring Workflows

Automate reporting, and get actionable insights

Talent teams are increasingly expected to use data to make better decisions, to justify decisions, and prove their value to the business.

Pinpoint surfaces actionable insights from your recruitment data in a series of beautifully presented reports, and enables you to create and schedule your own reports so that anyone from your CEO to your hiring teams can be kept up to date, automatically.
Custom recruitment Report Builder

Onboarding built in

A frustrating onboarding experience sets new hires up to fail. Using Pinpoint’s built-in onboarding platform, you’ll keep your new hires engaged with a personalized onboarding experience, and cut out unnecessary paperwork with flexible, powerful forms and workflows.
Onboarding Software Workflows

Quick to implement, easy to manage

From migrating your data to building your careers site and setting up integrations we'll do everything we can to make the transition to Pinpoint easy.

You'll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access our broader team of recruitment experts whose only job is to help you improve your recruitment with Pinpoint.
Pinpoint Support Team

A different approach to support

Support at Pinpoint isn't just about helping you use the software—it's about helping improving your recruitment process.

Whether it’s improving your job descriptions, advice on how to interview, or learning how to optimise your recruitment advertising, you get unlimited access to our Customer Success team, whose only job is to help you attract more candidates and make better hires.

Pinpoint Support Team

Deep integrations with best-in-class platforms

From video interviews to assessment tools, we have deep integrations with best-in-class recruiting tools

Laura Belo - Head of Talent Acquisition
The support and guidance that Pinpoint has provided us has been first class.
Laura Belo
Head of Talent Acquisition, JT Group

Don’t just take our word for it

Pinpoint's a top-rated applicant tracking system on leading software review sites

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