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Legal Applicant Tracking System

Fast, flexible recruitment software for law firms

From graduates to partners, Pinpoint is the easier way to attract, hire, and onboard top talent.

Your ATS shouldn't get in your way

Offering the same application process, the same candidate experience, and the same benefits as the Magic Circle is not the right way to hire more than your fair share of the best talent.

The legal services sector is behind most others in terms of recruitment marketing and candidate experience. The firms that modernize fastest are winning the best talent.

With our legal applicant tracking system, and unlimited support from our team, we’ll help you differentiate your employer brand, remove the friction from your hiring process, and wow new hires from the moment they say 'yes.'

We’re already helping law firms like Ogier, Collas Crill, and LGL. We’re ready to help you too.

Legal Sector Recruiters

Get more control with the ATS that's ready for anything

Stand out from the competition

Attracting candidates in a competitive industry means selling them on the whole package you offer. That starts with a compelling careers site.

Based on data from hundreds of thousands of candidate experiences, our team helps you design and build a careers site that attracts the right candidates to fit your needs.
Careers Website Builder

Find more qualified talent

Promote jobs on social media, through major job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or Monster, and on industry-specific job boards like the American Bar Association.

Use our Employee Referral platform to encourage and reward referrals.

Filter candidates fast

Use “knockout questions” to quickly filter out the candidates that won’t be a fit before you send them for review. For example: right to work permissions, schedule availability, required education or training, certifications, etc.
Job Application Form Design

Build a talent pipeline

Build and nurture a database of candidates that are a great fit for your business, but who you haven’t been able to hire yet. Pinpoint automatically surfaces candidates from your talent pipeline that could be a great fit each time you create a new opportunity.
Talent Pool Pipeline Refresh
Laura Belo - Head of Talent Acquisition
After less than a month of having this solution we are already seeing the benefits.
Laura Belo
Head of Talent Acquisition, JT Group

Help hiring managers spend less time recruiting

Improve collaboration and empower your team, without adding extra work. Our streamlined and intuitive hiring manager portals give them all the information they need at a glance. Easy interview scheduling and custom scorecards keep the hiring process fast and equitable.

Our team is here to help train managers on the platform and offer support, whenever it's needed.
Custom Hiring Workflows

Improve on diversity and inclusion

We built Pinpoint with D&I in mind and best practices at its core. Implement, measure, and improve your diversity and inclusion initiatives with tools like equality monitoring, performance reporting, structured interviews, and anonymous screening.
Blind recruitment software

Use data to improve your process

From optimizing your recruitment marketing budget to improving the diversity of your talent pool, you’ll get actionable insights from beautifully presented reports.
Pinpoint Reporting

Put onboarding on autopilot

From collecting right to work information and references, to distributing policies and handbooks, Pinpoint makes it easy to onboard new hires without manual paperwork.
Employee Onboarding Reporting

Businesses that use Pinpoint

Attract 4x candidates
Make hires 40% faster
Spend 80% less time on admin

Get the most out of your ATS

We make Pinpoint work for the way you recruit.

We’ll ensure your team is set up for success so you can achieve your recruitment goals year-over-year.

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Why Pinpoint’s the ideal recruitment software for law firms

Pinpoint’s built the way law firms like to hire

Some of our earliest clients were law firms, and they’re still with us today. We learned a lot from them, and they’ve had a great deal of input into how Pinpoint works and was built.

We help you differentiate in a competitive market

We regularly speak to law firms that want to buy the same recruitment software as the five firms down the road from them. When they do that, they end up offering exactly the same recruitment experience as their biggest competitors which makes it harder to differentiate.

We work with lots of law firms, but we also work in other industries and apply those learnings and best practices to help you differentiate your firm from the competitors across the street.

You’ll save your whole firm time

Time is money. As well as helping you attract the best talent, tools like automated interview scheduling will save your whole team valuable time that you can dedicate to other high-value priorities.

You’ll reduce reliance on recruitment agencies

Firms that rely on recruitment agencies quickly start making more direct hires with Pinpoint.

Pinpoint’s flexible enough to be used for hiring graduates, partners, and everybody in between

You get unlimited customizable hiring workflows and email templates that make it easy to tailor the recruitment process for different types of hire.