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Background Checks



Pinpoint's integration with Checkr helps you hire the best candidates by delivering comprehensive background checks on candidates and allows you to view their results all from within Pinpoint.

Make the best hires for your team by using Checkr to run background checks on your candidates that are fast, easy and fair

Using our integration with Checkr, you can make better hires for your team by having access to thorough and quick background checks for candidates you want to go on to hire. Checkr allows you to run background checks on applicants to search for:

  • Criminal backgrounds
  • Drug and health screenings
  • Employment verification
  • Driving history
  • Civil records
  • Registry searches

By using Checkr’s solution you can increase recruiter productivity, optimize your candidate conversion, and reduce human bias in your hiring process that hinders DEI initiatives within your recruiting strategy.

Our integration with Checkr makes it easy to run background checks on candidates from Pinpoint, and have their results appear right from within the platform.

Checkr Applicant Tracking System Integration Screen Grab

How does it work?

Checkr uses AI to identify, classify, and filter data faster than legacy background checks, which allows you to screen faster, with fewer resources.

It also helps with:

  • Removing bias from the selection process by using data-driven analytics to let you see hiring patterns, predict their impact early, and make changes to your hiring criteria
  • Expanding your candidate pool and improving compliance by more than 90% with better filtering and evaluation tools
  • Reducing manual work and improving time-to-hire with workflow automation

Want to use Checkr’s solution in combination with Pinpoint to attract and hire the right candidates for your team? Create an account with Checkr for the background check solution that works best for you, turn on the integration in Pinpoint, and get started!

Checkr Applicant Tracking System Integration Screen Grab

How easy is it?

You can easily and instantly connect Pinpoint and Checkr by:

  • Enabling the Checkr integration in Pinpoint
  • Select a candidate profile to send an assessment to
  • Clicking ‘Checkr Background Check’
  • Verifying the candidates information
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • Once the assessment is complete, simply viewing the results in the Assessments tab in the candidate profile

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