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Transport and Logistics Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment software for supply chain, transport, and logistics

Head office, warehouse, or on the road—transport and logistics companies make better hires, faster with Pinpoint as their applicant tracking system software.

Applicant Tracking System
Transport and Logistics Applicant Tracking System

Take the friction out of high volume recruitment

From truck drivers to IT teams, Pinpoint makes attracting, hiring, and onboarding the right people easier.

Stand out from the competition

We’ve worked with enough transport and logistics businesses to know that when people join you for a small increase in hourly pay, they’ll leave again when someone else offers them a little bit more.

Attracting candidates that’ll stay for the long-term begins with selling them on the whole package you offer. The first place you start selling the opportunity is a compelling careers website.

Based on data from hundreds of thousands of candidate experiences, our team helps you design and build a careers site that attracts the right candidates, and repels the wrong ones.
Careers Website Design

Attract candidates at scale

Promote jobs on social media, through major job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or Monster, and specific transport and logistics sites like Supply Chain Online, Logistics Job Shop, and Supply Management Jobs.

Pinpoint was one of the first applicant tracking systems to integrate with Indeed Apply—our customers have seen a 4x increase in applicants for volume roles with that integration enabled.

Make it easy for candidates to apply on the road through a branded, mobile-friendly careers website and use our Employee Referral platform to encourage and reward referrals.
Job Board Advertising Software

Identify the right candidates, fast

Whether it's drivers or warehouse staff, when you’re hiring for volume roles in transport and logistics, you’re going to have a huge volume of candidates to process.

Use “killer questions” to quickly filter out the candidates that won’t be a fit before you send them for review (for example, if they don’t have the correct right to work permissions you could filter them out and reject them).
Job Application Form Design

Collaborate with your team

Get everyone on the same page with customizable workflows, notifications, and comments. Use candidate scorecards to collate consistent feedback from hiring teams without chasing.
Recruitment Workflow Approvals

Manage seasonality

Build and nurture a database of candidates that are a great fit for your business, but who you aren't able to hire yet.

Pinpoint automatically surfaces candidates from your talent pipeline that could be a great fit each time you create a new opportunity, making it easier to fill a surge of vacancies to meet seasonal demand.
Talent Pool Pipeline Refresh

Reach candidates on mobile

Make it easy for candidates to apply at home, or on the road. Keep them up to date with regular emails and text messages.

Automated interview scheduling makes it easy for candidates to schedule an interview based on live availability in the hiring team’s calendar—no more back and forth of emails and phone calls to find a convenient time for everyone.

Automated text message reminders are the easiest way to improve interview attendance for candidates that aren't sat their computer all day.
Candidate Email

Hire for head office, the warehouse, or the road

Tailor the recruitment process and candidate experience for each type of role with unlimited custom hiring workflows, automations, templates, and approval processes.
Recruitment Workflow Software

Powerful automation that's easy to use

Whether it's rejecting candidates, scheduling interviews, getting internal approvals, or keeping candidates up to date with a personalized message, recruiters and hiring managers save time with powerful automations that are easy to use.
Custom Recruitment Workflows

Put onboarding on autopilot

From collecting right to work information and references, to distributing policies and handbooks, Pinpoint makes it easy to onboard new hires without manual paperwork.
Onboarding Software Workflows

Companies that use Pinpoint

Attract 4x more candidates
Make hires 40% faster
Spend 80% less time on admin
There’s always that little bit of uncertainty with a new process, but everyone has adopted Pinpoint really well. I think that the efficiency and user experience of the system has helped to gain our team’s overall buy-in for the new process.
Hannah Irwin
Pivot Energy
Pinpoint Support Team

More than just software

We’re the team you never knew you needed; a wealth of recruitment expertise at your fingertips.

Whether it’s optimizing your recruitment advertising or improving your job descriptions, you’ll get unlimited access to our team of experts whose only job is to help you attract, hire, and retain top talent.

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Streamlining processes and delivering on inclusion for Pivot Energy

Over the past several years, Pivot has been expanding, and needed a new ATS that would streamline the recruitment process.

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Reducing recruitment spend by 83% with Jersey Electricity

Attracting better applicants and reducing reliance on recruitment agencies.

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I was so impressed with Pinpoint that I recommended it to the HR director of a company with 450+ staff who now use it too.