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Talent Sourcing

Source, connect, and engage with top talent from Linkedin and manage it all in Pinpoint.

Engage over 740m potential applicants by posting your open roles directly to Linkedin via Pinpoint

Our integration with LinkedIn allows you to put your roles directly in front of  LinkedIn’s huge talent pool, give those applicants the option to apply, share vacancies with the entire LinkedIn community — and more!

By using our integration, you’ll have access to a huge range of recruiting tools available through LinkedIn, with the combined power of Pinpoint.

And of course you’ll be able to manage all your applicant data within Pinpoint to make the process easy for you and your hiring managers, while providing a stand-out candidate experience.

Linkedin Applicant Tracking System Integration Screen Grab

How can we help?

Do you wish candidates could discover your jobs on LinkedIn and apply with Pinpoint?

  • You can do that.

Do you want to be able to post your open roles to your company LinkedIn page via Pinpoint?

  • You can do that, too.

Do you want to be able to share your open roles with the entire LinkedIn network with the click of a button?

  • It’s ready and waiting for you!
Linkedin Applicant Tracking System Integration Screen Grab

So how does it work?

LinkedIn Limited Listings

Post and sync your open roles in Pinpoint directly with your company’s listed jobs in LinkedIn.

One-click Apply

Enable candidates to populate the application form on your careers site with basic information from their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Pixel

We have great source reporting in Pinpoint that enables you to see where your candidates discovered your open roles—including when candidates find you on LinkedIn. But many recruiters like to keep their reports on LinkedIn’s platform up to date as well. By adding a LinkedIn Pixel to your Pinpoint careers site your reports on LinkedIn will also be kept up to date.

Social Sharing

Share your open roles across the LinkedIn community to expand your reach and attract talent from a broader pool.


Want to see how you're performing?

Using Pinpoint’s source reporting, you’ll see how many candidates your LinkedIn advertising delivered and compare that performance against other advertising channels.

But it’s not just about how many candidates apply.

Sure, we’ll help you understand which channels deliver the most candidates for the least amount of money but, more importantly, we’ll help you understand which channels deliver the candidates that you go on to hire.

Over time you’ll use this data to optimize your recruitment advertising strategy—investing more in the channels that deliver quality candidates that you go on to hire, and less in the ones that don’t.

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