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Applicant Tracking System UK

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We understand what you need from an applicant tracking system—because we're based here too.

Pinpoint Applicant Tracking System UK
Pinpoint Applicant Tracking System UK

Trusted by leading UK companies

Pinpoint is the applicant tracking system built for UK-based recruiters

UK and European data centres

Your data will be stored in UK and European data centres.

Infrastructure and development

UK data protection compliance

Get tools to help you stay compliant with UK data protection regulations and the GDPR.

Security and privacy

UK integration partners

We have integrations with the most popular HR platforms, video interviewing tools, assessments, and screening providers in the UK.


UK-based support

Our UK-based support team responds to enquiries in under 2-minutes during UK working hours.

Customer success

Pricing in £s

Don’t worry about exchange rates affecting your budget.


UK job board integrations

Get access to integrations with UK-focussed job boards in almost every industry.

Job boards


Capture attention from the best talent—in the UK and abroad

You have just minutes to get—and keep—a candidate’s attention.

Pinpoint makes it easy to stand out in the crowd with on-brand careers sites, informative job postings, and simple applications.

Reach qualified applicants and build talent pools with our job board integrations. You can post jobs on international or UK-centric sites like Reed and CV Library.

Keep the best candidates informed and engaged with customisable email templates and SMS messages.

Applicant Tracking System UK Job Boards


Build workflows that fit your hiring process

UK recruiters are constantly stretched for time and resources. You don’t have time to change your recruitment process to fit a new tool.

You need an ATS that already understands how you work, and makes it easier.

With Pinpoint’s flexible workflows, you can build a system that your talent team and hiring managers will adopt quickly.

Plus: Our best-in-class customer success team will be by your side to help you to get the most value out of your ATS.

Applicant Tracking System UK Workflows


Confirm every box is ticked before day 1

UK hiring teams have to juggle local data and compliance regulations, on top of everything else.

Pinpoint Onboarding makes it easy to get required information from candidates before their first day, and without manual paperwork.

Collect right to work information, conduct DBS checks, and distribute policies to new hires—seamlessly.

Applicant Tracking System UK Onboarding Preboarding

See Pinpoint in Action

Learn more about Pinpoint with our on-demand demo video.

Integrate with the UK’s favourite recruitment tools

Streamline your entire recruitment tech stack. Explore our integrations with HR management systems, assessments, background checks, and more.

applicant tracking system UK integrations

The most common questions about buying an ATS in the UK


What are the benefits of choosing a UK-based applicant tracking system?


Something as simple as where your recruitment software is based can really impact your overall recruitment success.

The way the US recruits is very different to the way the UK recruits. With customers operating in over 50 countries, we’ve experienced the differences first-hand.

So why should UK companies buy their applicant tracking software from a UK-based vendor?

1) Regional understanding

Most ATS vendors that aren’t based in the UK/Europe (but who are selling into the UK market) aren’t investing the time and effort that’s needed to make their product suitable for the local market.

The UK is typically a small market for them and it’s not just as simple as retrofitting their solution into the UK either—those distinct differences need to be nailed from the outset.

The reality: Your team gets frustrated with their new ATS, and qualified candidates don’t get the experience they were expecting from you.

2) Compliance

UK-based ATS software will be more proactive about maintaining compliant systems for UK data regulation because we’re based here too. You can learn more about how we keep our customers’ data safe here.

3) Support

Vendors that aren’t UK-based, but who sell into the UK market, often aren’t able to invest as much into providing support in the UK as they would if the UK was their primary market.

This means that the support that’s provided, coupled with the time zone differences, is far less than what many UK companies would hope for.

The reality: At best, the support experience is slow and doesn’t reflect what you’re paying.

At worst, when you do finally speak to somebody, they’re not in a position of authority and don’t understand the way your business works, the market you’re recruiting into, or the recruitment management challenges you’re facing that are unique to the UK.


What are the top features of applicant tracking features for organisations in the UK?


Most of the features you’ll find in any applicant tracking system will be useful to UK recruitment teams. But there are a some applicant tracking system features that organisations in the UK will find particularly helpful:


  • Data protection tools: Functionality that makes compliance with local data protection regulations like the GDPR easier.
  • Diversity and inclusion tools: Features like equality monitoring that are tailored to UK best practice around diversity and inclusion.
  • Candidate experience features: Customisable careers page that includes employer brand content. Integrations with regional job boards (in addition to Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.) to connect with the UK’s best applicants. Automated interview scheduling and communications to save time and keep applicants engaged.  
  • Integrations: UK-based applicant tracking software is more likely to integrate well with other HR tools that are popular in the UK for a more user-friendly experience for talent acquisition and HR teams. 

Because many applicant tracking systems have been designed and built in the US, with the US market in mind, the features they offer are automatically geared towards the US way of recruiting.

That’s not always a bad thing, but it’s something to consider when evaluating applicant tracking software for a UK organisation.

Pinpoint and other applicant tracking software providers that are based in the UK sell globally, but because their first customers were in the UK their feature set is often skewed to help UK recruiters.


What is the implementation process and how long does it take?


Together, we’ll review your current pain points and define your goals to understand what you want to achieve. Then, we’ll help you design the ATS that will get you there.

We can tailor your implementation to fit your team’s unique needs. Implementation typically includes:

  • Clarifying metrics of success
  • Reviewing your current setup
  • Configuring Pinpoint to work for your team
  • Importing historic data into Pinpoint
  • Integrating Pinpoint with other tools
  • Training for you and your team

Implementation lengths will vary depending on your organisation’s size and needs. Learn more about implementation, training, and support here. If you’d like to get an estimate for your team, reach out here.

UK Companies that choose Pinpoint

Attract 4 x more direct candidates
Make hires 40% faster
Spend 80% less time on admin

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Pinpoint has made a world of difference. I can't rate their team highly enough.
Hannah Clarke
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