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Employee Onboarding Software

Delight your hiring managers, wow your new hires.

Pinpoint’s employee onboarding software empowers your team to deliver personalized onboarding experiences and spend less time on admin.

Engage your new hires and get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Employee Onboarding Software

Support with every step

We’ll build your existing processes right into Pinpoint with our flexible workflow builder. Don’t have a process? We’ll help you create one.

Relationships, not admin

Spend time getting to know your new hires, not creating and chasing paperwork.

Faster time to value

Help new hires deliver value as quickly as possible with personalized onboarding plans.

How it works.

Flexible workflows.

Automate manual processes and take the pain out of onboarding paperwork for your team and new hires. Flexible, automated workflows are simple to create.
Onboarding Software Workflows

Take paperwork online.

Share documents and receive responses through customizable online forms that can be included anywhere in your onboarding workflow.

Integrate with HRIS and payroll solutions.

Pinpoint integrates with the tools you already love and makes them even more powerful. At the end of onboarding, push your new hire’s data straight into your HRIS or payroll system.
Employee Onboarding Software Integrations

Create personalized onboarding plans.

Build personalized onboarding plans that engage your new hires from the moment they say yes.
Employee Onboarding Portal

Accurate reports are always up to date.

Track the progress of every new hire, and analyze your onboarding experience over time.
Employee Onboarding Reporting

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