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Employee Onboarding Software

Less manual admin, more successful new hires

Pinpoint's onboarding software makes it easy to manage every little detail that needs to happen before a new hire’s start date, without manual paperwork.

Engage your new hires and get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Pinpoint Onboarding Process Illustration

Get control over every detail

Bring every process into Pinpoint with our configurable workflow builder. Manage tasks, documents, and messages in one place.

Set new hires up for success

Help new hires get to know your culture and people, while ensuring they complete critical tasks on time.

Save time with automation

Set up flexible triggers for tasks, emails, notifications, and more. Reduce your team's admin and become more proactive.

How it works

Manage complex onboarding processes

Not every hire needs the same things before they start. With Pinpoint, you can create a flexible library of templates for each onboarding process.

Create steps for assessments, background checks, eSignatures, forms, messages, and more. Easily re-use steps to save time when you start a new onboarding process.
The step library within Pinpoint's employee onboarding software

Automate admin

From collecting right to work information and references, to distributing policies and handbooks, Pinpoint makes it easy to onboard new hires without manual paperwork.

Automate steps to trigger on a set date or at the completion of another task. Use flexible workflows and conditional steps to cover different candidate situations. Use tasks, emails, and reminders to collaborate better internally.
Illustration of editing a process within Pinpoint's employee onboarding software

Create a welcoming experience

If new hires don’t stay engaged, they can fall behind on required tasks or even fail to show up on their first day.

Instead, keep them engaged throughout the process with welcome messages from your team in your branded onboarding portal.

Your new hires will already be familiar with our candidate-friendly platform from the hiring process, so they’ll have an easier time sharing required information and completing tasks.
Illustrated examples of the candidate experience within Pinpoint's employee onboarding software

Track new hire progress

If a new hire does fall behind, you need to be able to identify and follow up with them.

In Pinpoint, you get a central dashboard to monitor each new hire’s progress, spot when someone’s off track, and intervene. You can set up custom views to monitor cohorts of candidates based on location, hiring manager, role, and more.
Illustration of the new hire progress dashboard in Pinpoint's employee onboarding software

How L’Occitane reduced new hire questions in onboarding

When candidates had to jump from an ATS to a separate onboarding solution, the inconsistent user experience caused unnecessary confusion and lots of questions.

Discover how L’Occitane used Pinpoint’s flexible onboarding processes to make the experience better for candidates—and easier for their team.
Since launching onboarding, we have fewer questions coming in about how basic things work.
Sam Webster
Recruitment Specialist, L'Occitane

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