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Reporting and Analytics

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Hiring data shouldn't be a black box. Track key metrics at a glance with our simple dashboard. Analyze a wealth of recruitment data with advanced reports.

Custom recruitment Report Builder

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Quickly identify the insights that matter

KPIs at a glance

Pinpoint makes it easy to monitor the health of your acquisition process with key metrics like time to fill and time to hire.

See your best sources of talent, assess the diversity of your talent pool, and track recruiter activity all from one place.
Recruitment Dashboard Hiring Insights

Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboard reports based on all of your Pinpoint data in the Insights Hub.

With the easy-to-use builder, customization options, and filters, you can access the exact data you need, quickly.

Share these beautiful reports with your team to keep them up-to-date on progress towards your recruitment goals.
Pinpoint Reporting

Advanced Exports

Create any report you like, from any of your data in Pinpoint.

Filter reports with complex, layered filters and our advanced search system that makes it easy to find the data you’re looking for.

Then schedule, share, or export files to answer your team’s questions when needed.
Custom Recruitment Report Filters

Track performance

Create individual reports to stay on top of open roles. Talent leaders can track team progress towards goals with recruiter performance reports.

Engage hiring managers

Design department- or job-specific reports so hiring managers are up-to-date on open roles.

Keep leaders informed

Build high-level reports on key performance indicators across the entire business to keep senior leaders informed.

Reporting FAQs


What types of reports are available?


Pinpoint Insights are a set of pre-built reporting widgets, designed to cover most of your day-to-day reporting requirements in an easy-to-use dashboard. They’ve been designed in a way so anyone on your team can make use of the data.

All Pinpoint uses have access to reports on

  • Candidates
  • Interviews
  • Users
  • Jobs
  • Equality Monitoring
  • Candidate Surveys

These can be filtered by location, division, department, recruitment manager, and more.

Pinpoint Insights Hub is an advanced feature that enables you to create your own custom dashboard reports based on all your Pinpoint data. The easy-to-use builder and advanced filtering options allow you to craft beautiful reports, quickly.

Pinpoint Reports are an advanced feature that enable you to create your own reports, using any of the data in your system to suit your organization’s specific requirements.


What report templates are included?


With Pinpoint Reports, you have access to templates to get you started. These include:

Candidate summary:
View the status of all candidates across all active jobs.

Candidates by channel:
See where your candidates are coming from.

Candidates being interviewed:
View a report showing candidates currently being interviewed.

My candidates:
View the status of all candidates across all jobs where you’re a hiring manager.

Recent applications:
View the status of candidates who have submitted applications in the last month.

Successful candidates:
View metrics for hired candidates such as source channel, and time to hire.

Job summary:
View the status of all jobs across your organization.

Open jobs report:
View the status of all open jobs.

Filled jobs report:
View metrics for filled jobs such as time to fill and number of candidates.

My jobs:
View the status of all jobs where you are a hiring manager.

Referral report:
If you opt-in to referrals, you’ll have access to a report to view the status of all your referral applications.

Equality monitoring summary:
Understand the diversity of the applicant pool you’re attracting.

Requisition summary:
If you opt-in to requisitions, you’ll have access to a report to view the status of all your requisitions.

User summary:
View all users within your organisation.


Can I filter reports?


There are a huge range of filters available. An unlimited number of filters can be combined to build complex searches.


Can I export reports?


Reports can be exported in CSV format to be used in any other tool of your choice. Pinpoint Insights and Insights Hub cannot be exported.


Can I schedule reports?


Reports can be emailed to specific team members on a customizable schedule.

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How Twinings use data to strengthen their recruitment strategy

Discover how the Twinings team defeated the "black box" of recruitment data and used reports to increase efficiency and save over £500,000 in agency fees.
All the reporting functionality broken down the way it is, is super useful. It is really streamlined and straightforward.
Hannah Clarke
Talent Acquisition Manager, River Island

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