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Product Spotlight – April 2021

April 6th, 2021
Courtney Weisell
Courtney Weisell
Account Executive

Hey there,

Welcome to the April edition of our monthly Product Spotlight, highlighting the biggest and most exciting updates in Pinpoint.

This month we’re launching new tools to help you measure the impact of  inclusive hiring practices, build your talent pipeline faster, and spend less time on admin.

And if we haven’t met yet, I’m Courtney—one of the newest members of the team here at Pinpoint. 👋

Let’s get started…

Demographic Performance Reporting

Using our new demographic performance reporting you’ll understand how demographic cohorts progress through your hiring workflow and identify problem areas in your recruitment process.

1. Collect candidate demographic / EEOC information on job application forms.

Customizable equality monitoring questionnaires and EEOC forms make it easy to collect demographic data.

2. Understand the diversity of the applicant pool you’re attracting.

Use the equality monitoring report to understand the diversity of the applicant pool you’re attracting.

3. Report on the progress of different demographic cohorts through your hiring process.

The demographic performance report can be filtered by division, department, location, and job.

Example use cases

Does the diversity of our talent pool reflect the diversity of the market we’re recruiting in?

If not, consider whether there are specific advertising channels (like diversity job boards) you could be using to reach more diverse talent, and review your advertisements to make sure things like your photography and language aren’t putting certain cohorts off to applying.

Does the diversity of candidates getting to the interview stage reflect the diversity of applicants?

If not, consider using blind screening to reduce the risk of unconscious bias during the selection process.

Does the diversity of candidates getting hired reflect the diversity of candidates that get to the interview stage?

If not, consider using scorecards to make your interview process fairer and more objective.


Customizable Speculative Application Forms

The fastest way to grow your talent pipeline is by inviting candidates to register their interest in working for you, even if there’s not a role for them today. That’s why speculative application forms have always been an important part of Pinpoint.

Starting today speculative application forms are completely customizable—just like any other application form on your careers site, meaning you can gather more of the information you need to make great hiring decisions.

Talent Pipeline Form

New User Management Tools

We’re continually finding new ways to help you spend less time on admin, and more time hiring the best people. That’s why we’ve spent the last month improving the way users are managed in Pinpoint.

Introducing User Groups – the fastest way to set up permissions

User Groups are templates containing a defined set of roles (what a user can do) and visibilities (what a user can see). Build as many of these templates as you like then quickly assign them to users. Now it’s faster than ever to assign a set of permissions to a user.

Access Groups

See which users can do what, at a glance

The new team members view with improved filtering makes it easy to manage users—even in the largest organizations.

User List
User Visibilities

Inviting new users, made easy

The new user invitation workflow makes it easier than ever before to add users—individually or in bulk.

Invite Users

Integrations Marketplace

Your ATS should help you spend less time on manual processes. That’s why we invest so much of our development time building our ecosystem of partners and integrations.

Until now you’ve had to ask your Customer Success Manager to get integrations set up for you.

Not anymore. With our new Integrations Marketplace, you can manage your own integrations. We’re launching small, but we’ll be making hundreds of new integrations available over the coming months.

Integration Marketplace

New Integrations


CarePlanner is a staff rostering and management system built specifically for home-care companies. Using CarePlanner, home-care agencies make huge efficiency savings on everything from team communication to mileage costs.

Using our new CarePlanner integration you can push information about the candidates you hire in Pinpoint straight to CarePlanner.


Sapling helps HR and People Teams save time, reduce risk, and bring their remote and distributed teams together. Many of our customers already use Sapling for employee onboarding, ongoing HR processes, and employee lifecycle management.

Now you can push information about the candidates you hire from Pinpoint to Sapling.

New Job Board Integrations

All of our job board integrations are available in our job board marketplace. This month we’ve added:

  • Adzuna Russia
  • Careerjet Russia
  • Careerjet Ukraine
  • Rabota Ukraine
  • The Economist

Other Small but Mighty Changes

Every month we make small improvements to Pinpoint that are a big deal to some of you.

⌨️ Improvements to application forms

When there are more than 5 multi-choice options for a question on a job form or more than 5 department / location options on the speculative application form, these are presented in a drop-down list rather than in a long list of selectable buttons.

You can now set a minimum and a maximum number of multiple-choice options that applicants must select on your application form.



And that’s it for this month.

We’d love you to get in touch if there’s anything we can help with, or if you have feedback on this latest product release.

About the author
Courtney Weisell
Courtney Weisell
Originally from sometimes-rainy Texas, now living in sometimes-sunny Scotland, I act as the link between our sales and our Customer Success team, ensuring a smooth and painless on-boarding for our clients.

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