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Pinpoint Implementation Guide for Enterprise

Getting Started With Pinpoint as an Enterprise Company

Here's a high-level overview of our implementation process, including the support you can expect before, during, and after launch. We always invest as much time as you need.

Everything on this page is included, so you'll encounter no hidden fees or other surprises.

Your timeline for implementation will vary based on the scope and complexity of your migration. Typical timelines are about 3-6 months for large companies or more complex implementations. See below for advice on how to get started faster and avoid potential roadblocks.

Pinpoint Demo Webinar
Pinpoint Demo Webinar

Step One


(~2 weeks) We'll work closely with your team and any other stakeholders to gather all of the information and data we need to analyse your existing processes to establish the best way to run Pinpoint for your organisation. From this, we'll develop a formal timeline for the rest of the process.

Choosing Applicant Tracking Systems

Share Your Goals for Implementing a new ATS

Keeping your goals in mind will help everyone stay engaged and aligned throughout the process. Here are some of our customers’ common goals for using Pinpoint.

Delight candidates

Strengthen your employer brand

Get more applications from the right candidates

Hire faster in competitive markets

Empower hiring managers

Reduce time spent on training

Meet the needs of hiring managers on-the-go

Enforce best practices for hiring

Lead strategic change

Make progress toward DEI goals

Become more a more proactive & agile talent team

Show the results of your initiatives

The team at Pinpoint have been great. They have been quick to deal with any questions and have ensured we have had a smooth implementation. They are keen to listen to any ideas and care about providing our team with a great service.
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Claire Perchard
HR Business Partner, Jersey Electricity

Step Two

Configuration & Admin Team Learning

(~10-26 weeks) Using the information gathered throughout the discovery phase, we'll build out a Pinpoint platform that we think will suit your processes well. From here, we'll spend the following weeks deep diving into many of the platform's features, so you can understand how they work and make key decisions on how you'll use them for your business.

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Typical Steps of Configuration

  • Adding in your company structure, including departments and locations
  • Setting up templates for emails and interviews
  • Connecting to your job boards
  • Preparing for migration
  • Defining your hiring workflows and creating them in our platform
  • Building or integrating your careers website
  • Setting up user permissions so they're ready for your hiring teams
  • Integrating with your HR and payroll system

Key Decision: Will you use an existing careers site or create a new one?

You can bring your own careers site, or we're happy to help you create one within our platform.

If you'd like our help, we'll need design assets such as images, video, and text. The build process typically takes about 2 weeks.

But it can become delayed if you need more time to gather design assets, so you can reduce delays if you start planning for these assets ahead of time.

Key Decision: Do you need certain job boards to be active when you go live?

You can set up individual job board integrations at any time before or after your go-live date.

If you know of specific job boards that absolutely need to be active on your go-live date, we recommend planning for 2 weeks of lead time. Some job boards can take up to 2 weeks to finalize the integration on their side.

You can work on other parts of your implementation process while waiting on the job boards.

Key Decision: Do you need a data migration?

If you're working with an existing ATS provider, then you can migrate your data on your own or we're happy to help you.

First, you'll need to export your data from your existing ATS. The timeline for that can vary, so you'll need to ask your existing provider about it.

The next step is to import your data into Pinpoint. If you'd like to do that yourself, then your timeline is up to you and your internal team. If you'd like us to help, then we ask for 15 business days from the date that we receive the import files.

Learn more about data migration

Who Should Be Involved Early In the Process

  • One person who will serve as the project lead
  • Superusers who will eventually manage how Pinpoint is used in your business

Who Can Be Involved Later In the Process

  • HR administrators who will help manage individual jobs and workflow steps
  • IT Team if they are needed to help set up connections to your calendar, conferencing, or other HR systems
  • External recruiters who will use Pinpoint to hire for specific roles
  • Hiring managers who will use Pinpoint to fill the next open role on their team
  • Website admins if you have any existing careers links that you plan to switch over to your new Pinpoint website
  • Interviewers who will join interviews and help evaluate candidates

How to Go Live Faster

Avoid these potential roadblocks to accelerate your implementation timeline.

Prepare for data migration

Whether you choose to manage your own data migration or let us manage it for you, here's how you can ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Migrating Your Data into Pinpoint

Reach out to job boards

If you'll be using job board integrations, let those job boards know about your move to Pinpoint as soon as possible to account for lead time on their side.

Prepare your careers site design assets

If you'd like our help with building a careers site, then we'll need design assets such as imagery, video, and text.

Plan to switch existing website links

Coordinate with your website administrators if you'll need any existing careers links to be switched over to your new Pinpoint site.

Step Three

Team Training & Go Live

(~2 weeks) We'll provide training to the teams who will take part in the recruitment process through Pinpoint. Then it's time to switch on your platform, integrations, and job boards and start accepting applications.

Once the system’s live, we continue to stay involved with all of our customers. We’ll check in frequently to ensure everything’s going to plan, and offer proactive support and advice.

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Phone support

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Email support

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Laura Belo - Head of Talent Acquisition
They have supported us every step of the way from pulling the business case together to training our people.
Laura Belo
Head of Talent Acquisition, JT Group

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