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Employee Referral Software

Get the ATS with an employee referral portal built in

Referrals are 7x more likely to be hired than candidates from job boards. Access new networks of qualified talent with Pinpoint’s employee referral software.

Employee Referral Software

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An easier way to manage employee referrals


Your whole team will be able to use Pinpoint’s intuitive employee referral portal—easily.


Set up referrals with just a few clicks. Pinpoint does the rest.


Referrals are 7x more likely to be hired than candidates from job boards.

Invite your team to the referral program with just a few clicks

Automate your employee referral process

For each new job posting, you can choose whether you want to accept referrals. It just takes a few clicks.

When live, that job will be added to the employee referral portal—automatically.

With each application, you’ll know which candidates were referred by which team members.

Gamify referrals for your team

With the dedicated employee referral portal, your team can see all roles that are open to referrals.

Employees can copy unique referral links to share with their networks.

Employees can then track how many candidates they’ve referred, the status of their candidates, and how much they’ve made from referrals so far.
Employee Referral Portal

Get actionable data

Quickly identify which candidates were sourced from referrals.

Track which jobs receive the most referrals, which roles have been paid out, and what bonus schemes are most effective.

Make data-based decisions to improve your referral program year-over-year.
Employee Referral Reporting

Common questions about employee referral software


What is an employee referral program?


An employee referral program is a recruitment strategy designed to encourage existing employees to recommend contacts in their network for open vacancies.

If a candidate that’s referred is successfully hired, the employee that made the referral is usually rewarded for their help with some form of incentive—like a cash bonus, additional paid time off, or a personalized experience or gift.


How effective are referrals?


According to Pinpoint’s analysis of 4.5 million applications, referred candidates are 7x more likely to be hired than ones applying via job boards. They provide an essential talent pool for any recruiting search, and when managed thoughtfully, can even contribute to an organization’s DEI goals. Learn more about the impact of referrals here.


How do you create an employee referral program?


Employee referrals can be a gold mine of qualified talent, but they’re often under-utilized. They require a compelling bonus scheme, an easy-to-use referral portal, and internal marketing. To learn how to build and run a successful program, check out our guide.


How do companies structure their referral schemes?


Every company structures their referral bonus scheme differently. It depends on the roles they are hiring for, along with their size, industry, and region. Check out our resource on referrals to get best practices and relevant benchmarks.


Can I use Pinpoint’s employee referral software with my existing applicant tracking system?


It’s not currently possible use Pinpoint’s employee referral software as a stand-alone feature alongside your existing applicant tracking system.

We do have several clients that have switched to using Pinpoint as their applicant tracking system because of our user-friendly referral portal. Many of these clients use one of our standard or custom integrations to push candidate data into their existing HR and payroll systems.

For more information about integrations and how other companies are approaching this, you can visit our integrations page or speak to our team.

See Pinpoint’s employee referral portal in action

How Pasta Evangelists built an effective—and efficient— referral program

About 40% of the new hires at Pasta Evangelists are referrals. Thanks to Pinpoint, it’s easy for their team to manage referrals at scale.

How Pasta Evangelists built an effective—and efficient— referral program
We can invite 20 people to interview, then 50% are going to come. But with the referrals, the percentage is higher, and they're more reliable as well.
Veronica Calderon
Talent Acquisition Partner, Pasta Evangelists

Best practices for building a referral program


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