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Recruitment Software for VC & PE Firms

Recruitment software for venture capital & private equity firms

You're investing in great companies. They need great people to succeed.

Support your portfolio companies with an agile hiring platform to quickly expand their team, level up their talent strategy, and hire in challenging markets.

Applicant Tracking System UK
Applicant Tracking System UK

Companies grow faster with help from Pinpoint

The friendly, but flexible hiring platform

Growing companies don't have time to manage complex software. And they can't waste time on tools they'll outgrow in six months.

That's where we come in. Our applicant tracking system is friendly, so your companies can start quickly with an intuitive platform and basic best practices.

But Pinpoint's also flexible enough to accommodate each of your companies' unique hiring workflows, scale with them as they grow, and adapt with them to changes in the talent market.

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Take the friction out of hiring

Companies that use Pinpoint move faster at every stage

It wasn't even a question. Pinpoint was clearly the better choice. Hop on a 30-minute call and let them show you what else is out there.
Tory, People Operations

Companies that use Pinpoint

Spend 83% less with recruitment agencies
Make hires 40% faster
Spend 80% less time on admin

How VC & PE firms use Pinpoint to support their portfolio

Strengthen your portfolio with the best ideas in talent

Help your portfolio companies level up their hiring strategy. The default templates in Pinpoint reflect hiring best practice and provide a solid foundation for any team.

Those who want to go further will find flexible, advanced functionality that we've built based on insights from talent thought leaders and our innovative customers hiring in 50+ countries.
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Share a talent pool across your portfolio

If one company meets two great engineers, but can only hire one, invite the runner-up to join a talent pipeline shared across all your portfolio companies.

The next time one of your companies is hiring for that role, they'll be able to quickly find and reach out to all the candidates in your shared talent pool who might be a great fit.
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Showcase jobs from multiple portfolio companies in one place

Aggregate jobs from all your portfolio companies into one central careers site. Help each company hire great people, faster by allowing candidates to view and apply to roles at multiple companies. And re-engage candidates whose desired role isn't open at one company, but might be open at another.
Online Job Description

Impress candidates with curated careers sites

A careers site that communicates each company's unique employee value proposition is key to attracting the best talent. With Pinpoint, there’s no need to distract the engineering or marketing teams to get it built. As part of the implementation process, we build careers sites for your portfolio using what we’ve learned from millions of careers website visitors to create a site that converts.
Careers Website Design

Use data to improve each company's process

We care a lot about helping companies innovate and improve their talent strategy. Your portfolio companies will be able to get actionable insights from beautifully presented reports, so they can find opportunities like optimizing their recruitment marketing budget or broadening the diversity of their talent pool.
Custom recruitment Report Builder

Source talent from hundreds of job boards

Every company in your portfolio will find relevant job boards within Pinpoint. They'll be able to manage their posts across hundreds of general & specialized job boards inside the platform. The best part? They'll pay the same or less than they would if they bought the ads directly.
Job Board Advertising Software

Make progress on diversity and inclusion

We built Pinpoint with D&I in mind and best practices at its core. Empower your portfolio companies to implement, measure, and improve diversity and inclusion initiatives with tools like equality monitoring, performance reporting, structured interviews, and anonymized screening.
Blind CV Software

Automate repetitive tasks

Your companies' teams will spend less time on repetitive tasks with features like automated interview scheduling, customizable workflows, an open API, integration with Zapier, and automated reporting.
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Pinpoint Support Team

More than just software

We’re the team you never knew you needed; a wealth of recruitment expertise at your fingertips.

Whether it’s optimizing your recruitment advertising or improving your job descriptions, you’ll get unlimited access to our team of experts whose only job is to help you attract, hire, and retain top talent.

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Why Pinpoint’s a great choice of recruitment software for venture capital and private equity

We move fast

We’re built on modern technology and release new features every month in response to recruitment innovations, feedback from customers, and changes in the candidate market.

We understand your market

We’ve worked with private equity firms and venture-backed startups. And we’re a high-growth startup too. We know what it takes to find the right people to grow and develop a company.

We do the hard work for you

Your companies’ teams are already busy, so we take the pain of implementing a new system away from them. Sure, we respond to support messages in under 2 minutes on average. But we also do the hard work. Building each careers site, migrating data, setting up workflows, training the team, and sharing best practices.

We care about design and UX

The best software in the world is pointless unless people like to use it, and your teams probably know good design from bad. That’s why we invest heavily in design and user experience to make sure Pinpoint’s a tool your companies and their candidates love to use.

All of the other ATS platforms were very grey, very corporate, and very old fashioned. Pinpoint is easier to navigate, had a fresher feel to it, and is more enjoyable to use.
Jess Hamilton

Frequently Asked Questions


Do our portfolio companies need an applicant tracking system?


If any of these sound familiar, then it’s time to provide your portfolio companies with recruitment software:

  • A company’s growing fast, but they find it hard to attract the right people fast enough
  • Your companies frequently turn to recruitment agencies
  • Recruiting isn’t something their teams have a lot of time for, or experience in
  • One of your startups just closed a round and has an ambitious hiring plan
  • Your companies are getting the ‘wrong’ type of applicant
  • Your teams don’t have time to spend on tedious recruitment admin

How will an ATS help our portfolio companies?


An applicant tracking system will help your portfolio companies:

  1. Attract more of the right candidates (and less of the wrong ones) by making sure they advertise in the right places and give their candidates a great experience on their careers pages.
  2. Save time by automating admin like scheduling interviews.
  3. Make better hiring decisions with structured scorecards, anonymized screening, and reporting.
  4. Build a database of promising candidates that can be shared across your portfolio—which makes hiring even faster for each company.
  5. Automate compliance, including global data protection regulations.

How much does recruitment software typically cost?


It varies widely because most vendors start with a base price, then increase the price rapidly when you add more users and more features. Across your whole portfolio, this can make it harder to predict how much your companies will spend when they renew their contracts.

We offer preferential pricing for VC & PE portfolio companies, as well as a simpler pricing structure than most other vendors. So you can get the best return from your investment and predict spend more confidently from year to year.



What else should we be thinking about when buying an applicant tracking system?


Finding and implementing the right software for each company is harder than ever.

We’d recommend checking out this podcast episode with Phil Strazzulla from Select Software Reviews who gives some great advice on ensuring you choose the right HR tech for your portfolio.