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Product Spotlight – December 2021

December 13th, 2021 1 minute read
Allison Yturri
Allison Yturri
Account Executive

From new user onboarding workflows to an internal job board built right into Pinpoint, this month’s update is all about making life easier for your internal teams.

Beyond that, you can now run background checks with Checkr right from within Pinpoint, and make the most of small improvements to everything from reporting to user permissions.

Let’s dive in…

User Setup Workflow

User Setup Workflows

Getting new users set up on Pinpoint is a whole lot easier with our new user setup workflows.

These workflows can be enabled on an access group by access group basis. Once enabled, a workflow will guide new users through setting up the most important things on their account including calendar integrations, availability rules, conferencing platform integrations, choosing their time zone, and setting up notifications.

Pinpoint and Checkr Integration

Checkr Integration

Checkr’s a background screening tool that provides clear, intuitive, and actionable results fast. This new integration enables you to run background checks with Checkr right inside Pinpoint so you can get more done, in less time.

Send background check requests from Pinpoint to Checkr, and receive the results against the candidate’s record in Pinpoint.

Pinpoint Internal Job Board

Internal Job Board

We’ve always encouraged you to promote new opportunities to your existing team by embedding a list of jobs into internal tools like your intranet or company wiki.

From today you have a new option available—the Employee Referrals Portal in Pinpoint has become an Employee Dashboard, including both an internal Job Board and the Employee Referrals Portal.

You can continue to invite new users to access this area of the platform in the same way as you always have, but now those users have more visibility into the internal and external roles you’re recruiting for.

Pinpoint Talent Pipeline

Add talent pipeline candidates directly to jobs

You’ve always been able to invite candidates from your talent pipeline to apply for specific jobs, but some of our customers prefer to create a shortlist of candidates from their talent pipeline and share that with hiring managers for review before reaching out to candidates.

That’s why you can now add candidates from your talent pipeline to any workflow stage of an active job.

Other small but mighty changes

Every month we make small improvements to Pinpoint that are a big deal for some of you. Here’s what we launched this month:

  • The “Job Opened At” date field is available on custom job reports
  • Candidate tags can be viewed against the list of candidates in interview workflow stages
  • Calendar availability rules are automatically ported to use your new timezone if you change the timezone associated with your user account
  • Presentation of jobs on Facebook Jobs has been improved for instances where lists have been used in the job description
  • Careers sites can be completely disabled for customers that have built their own careers site using our API
  • Accepted offers can be retracted
  • Offers can be edited by the signatories of that offer
  • .mov files can be uploaded on the application form

And that’s it for this month.

We’d love you to get in touch if there’s anything we can help with, or if you have feedback on this latest product release.

About the author
Allison Yturri
Allison Yturri
Allison's a former teacher and has spent the last 5 years working in SaaS software. She's skilled in consultative selling, navigating complex buying processes, project management, and developing long-term client relationships.

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