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Job Board Advertising Software

Post to hundreds of job boards—without leaving your ATS

Reach more qualified talent in less time with Pinpoint’s job board advertising software.

Job Board Advertising Software

Trusted by leading talent acquisition teams

Advertise open roles in just a few clicks

Save time

Manage all your job advertisements and candidates in one place.

Edit easily

Update job posts when things change. Publish new ads in just a few clicks.

Get data

Report on which channels bring in the best candidates and identify new opportunities.

Attract more qualified candidates with job board software built into your ATS

Build collections of top job boards

Never miss out on a great channel because you ran out of time or forgot.

Get access to popular job boards and social media platforms like Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn.

Plus industry or location-specific job boards to reach certain talent pools.

You can curate collections for different departments, types of roles, seniorities, locations—or just your favorites.

Then you can easily post any job to the most relevant group in just a few clicks.
Job Multi Posting Software

Manage job posts at scale

No more copy-pasting jobs between sites.

Create your job ad in Pinpoint once, and distribute it to hundreds of job boards quickly and easily.

Pay for your advertising right within Pinpoint—one transaction, one receipt, zero hassle.

Whenever you need to make a change, you can easily edit your post update it across channels.

Job seekers can apply directly through popular platforms or your careers site.
Job Board Posting Software

See which channels are most effective

Hiring data shouldn’t be a black box.

Understand which job boards give you the best candidates so you can focus your time—and budget—on what works.

Build custom reports for different departments, hiring managers, or role types to track trends over time.
Job Board Candidate Management

Common questions about Pinpoint’s job board advertising software


Can I integrate Pinpoint’s job advertising software with my existing ATS?


Pinpoint’s job board advertising feature is part of our overall applicant tracking software and can’t be used as a stand-alone feature to integrate with other applicant tracking systems.

We do integrate with most HR information and payroll systems and have many clients that use Pinpoint as an applicant tracking system for recruiting, then push hired candidates’ data to their HRIS or payroll system.


Which job boards are included in the Pinpoint job board marketplace?


There are hundreds of job boards included in the Pinpoint job board marketplace. Explore our integrations with the most popular job boards here, and feel free to get in touch if you want to know whether a specific job board is included.


Do you offer diversity job boards?


Yes, there are lots of diversity recruiting job boards included in our job board marketplace. These include job sites focused on women in technology, veterans, and candidates with disabilities.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know whether a specific job board is included.


Do you offer location-specific job boards?


Yes, Pinpoint includes lots of location-specific job boards. By choosing the job boards your ideal candidates visit, you’ll get more qualified applicants and fewer bad fits. One way to do this is by target location.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know whether a specific job board is included.


Do you offer industry-specific job boards?


Yes. As with location-specific job boards, industry-specific job boards are a great way to find the best candidates who are looking for a role in your industry. We include a huge number of industry-specific job boards, with industries ranging from food manufacturing to software development.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know whether a specific job board is included.

See Pinpoint’s job board advertising software in action

How Twinings defeated the “black box” of channel data

85% of Twinings’s applications come through LinkedIn—an insight that would have been painful to uncover, if not impossible, before Pinpoint.

Twinings Applicant Tracking System UK
The number of applications we get is just so much better—I think that's because it links to so many job boards whereas before we manually had to do that.
Sophie Rogers
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Twinings

How to increase your reach with job board advertising software

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