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Diversity Recruitment Software

An inclusive culture begins with recruitment

We’ve built diversity recruiting tools right into Pinpoint to reduce unconscious bias at every stage of the hiring process.

Diverse Hiring
Diverse Hiring

Reach a more diverse talent pool

Multilingual careers site and candidate experience

Offer your careers website, application forms, and candidate emails in multiple languages. Attract more applicants, offer a better candidate experience, and improve the diversity of your talent pool.
Multilingual Candidate Experience

Diversity job boards

Expose your vacancies to a wider audience by advertising on a huge range of free and paid job boards (including job boards dedicated to reaching historically marginalized candidates), all managed through Pinpoint.
Job Board Posting Software

Employee referrals

Encourage referrals of candidates from under-represented groups as part of your employee referral strategy.
Employee Referral Software
We’re reinventing recruitment altogether. In our campaign to improve diversity, we’re proud to say we’re doing really well. Having Pinpoint on board is helping us do that more effectively.
Amy Stein
Head of People Operations

Reduce bias in the selection process

Anonymized hiring

Reduce bias in the screening process. By anonymizing applications and résumés, Pinpoint’s anonymized recruitment feature ensures hiring teams assess applicants based exclusively on their experience and skills.
Blind CV Software

Candidate scorecards and hiring rubrics

Use pre-determined assessment criteria to help your hiring teams focus on what matters most. Reduce the risk of bias and make better hiring decisions customizable candidate scorecards.
interview Scorecard Feedback

Communication templates

Offer an inclusive candidate experience by using customizable email templates that use inclusive language.
Candidate Communication Management

Equality monitoring reports

Keep up with equal opportunities best practice and identify barriers to equality and diversity in your recruitment process with comprehensive equality monitoring reporting.
Equality Monitoring Dashboard

Diversity Recruiting Software FAQs


What you need to know about diversity recruitment software


Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategies start with getting buy in from the whole organization, and thrive through inclusive employee engagement programs.

But without a diversity recruiting strategy organizations will fail to attract and hire diverse talent.

Diversity recruiting software is becoming increasingly popular as HR teams, in-house recruiters, and hiring managers look for ways to improve the diversity of their candidate pool and reduce bias in the hiring process. As of 2019, the diversity and inclusion technology market is worth approximately $100 million and growing.

But the diversity and inclusion software market goes beyond recruiting. Modern employee engagement tools are beginning to focus more effort on helping develop an inclusive workforce.


What are the benefits of diversity recruitment software?


The benefits of diversity recruitment software include:

  1. Improving the diversity of job applicants and talent pools.
  2. Reducing the risk of conscious and unconscious bias in the recruitment process.
  3. Making it easier and more cost effective to implement diverse recruiting practices like anonymized hiring and equality monitoring.

Can I use Pinpoint’s diversity recruiting tools with my existing recruitment software?


There are two main ways to buy diversity recruiting software.

  1. As part of your applicant tracking system or HR information system.
  2. As stand-alone software.

Pinpoint offers diversity recruitment tools as one of our applicant tracking system features, rather than as stand-alone software.

We offer a huge range of integrations with HR information and payroll systems that enable clients to “push” information about candidates they hire directly into their existing software.

What we don’t offer, is the ability to integrate our diversity and inclusion tools directly into other applicant tracking systems.


What are the problems with diversity recruitment software?


Diversity recruitment software is a powerful tool for your DE&I toolkit, but software alone will never solve a recruitment diversity problem.

While new technologies provide key insights to help guide data-driven decision making, underpinning new tech with regular diversity training and reporting is key to helping hiring teams recognize and reduce their bias blind spots.

Pinpoint has been so responsive every step of the way. We signed on with no hesitation and haven’t looked back.
Amanda Hecht
Corporate HR Manager

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