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Diversity Recruitment Software

Achieve your DEI goals with Pinpoint’s built-in diversity recruiting software

With diversity recruiting tools built into every stage of the hiring process, Pinpoint makes it easier to expand your talent pool and reduce unconscious bias.

Diverse Hiring
Diverse Hiring

Trusted by leading talent acquisition teams

Diversity recruiting software that fits into your workflows


Expand your talent pool and attract more diverse candidates—without extra admin.


Make it easy for hiring teams to evaluate candidates in a fair, structured way.


Get actionable, real-time data to track progress on your diversity initiatives and make improvements over time.

Job Posting

Diversify your candidate pool

When you have to manually post each job, it’s time-consuming to explore new channels.

Pinpoint integrates with hundreds of job boards so you can post to multiple sites—in just a few clicks.

Access diverse talent networks with job boards like Women in Tech or LGBT Jobs UK.

Candidates can apply directly from their favorite sites or on-the-go with mobile optimized applications.

job boards diversity recruiting software

Multilingual Careers Sites

Offer a multilingual candidate experience

Pinpoint makes it easy to reach more diverse talent pools and make them feel welcome with a multilingual experience.

Offer your careers website, job descriptions, applications, and candidate emails in multiple languages.

Attract more qualified candidates and improve the diversity of your talent pool.

multilingual candidate experience diversity recruiting software

Anonymized Hiring

Reduce bias in the screening process

Unconscious bias during the hiring process results in great candidates being overlooked.

That’s why we were among the first to build anonymized screening into our platform.

With Pinpoint, you can remove personal information and indicators of protected characteristics from resumes and application answers to reduce bias from the start.

blind recruitment software


Make fairer hiring decisions

Without structured hiring, candidate evaluations are more often subjective and inconsistent.

Pinpoint’s custom scorecards reduce the risk of bias by making it easy for hiring managers to score candidate profiles against a consistent set of criteria.

Easily collect notes and comments from your team to add context.

diversity recruiting software scorecards

Reporting & Analytics

Get actionable data

Without data, it can feel like you are making decisions in a “black box.”

Monitor progress over time with Pinpoint’s EEO questionnaires and equality monitoring dashboards.

Understand the diversity of the talent pool you attract and see how far each cohort progresses in the hiring process.

Identify areas for improvement and track progress towards your inclusive hiring goals over time.

diversity recruiting software reporting

See Pinpoint's diversity recruiting software in action

Learn more about Pinpoint's diversity recruitment tools with our on-demand demo video.

Even more diversity recruiting tools at your fingertips

Pinpoint integrates with assessments, candidate sourcing tools, social media platforms, and hundreds of job boards.

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The most common questions about Pinpoint’s diversity recruitment platform


What are the benefits of diversity recruitment software?


The best diversity recruiting tools:


    1. Improve the diversity of your talent pipeline by reaching more job seekers from different backgrounds and underrepresented groups. 
    2. Reduce the risk of conscious and unconscious bias in the recruitment process.
    3. Make it easier and more cost effective to implement diverse recruiting practices like blind hiring and equality monitoring.
    4. Provide data on diversity metrics so recruiters can track the progress of their diversity recruiting efforts.

Can I use Pinpoint’s diversity recruiting tools with my existing recruitment software?


There are two main ways to buy diversity recruiting software.


    1. As part of your applicant tracking system or HR information system.
    2. As stand-alone software.

Pinpoint offers diversity recruitment software as one of our applicant tracking system features, rather than as stand-alone software.

We offer a huge range of integrations with HR information and payroll systems that enable clients to “push” information about candidates they hire directly into their existing software to streamline the user experience.

What we don’t offer is the ability to integrate our diversity and inclusion tools directly into other recruiting solutions.


Can you customize DEI questions in applications?


In Pinpoint, you can switch on equality monitoring for any given job to add a diversity and inclusion survey to the bottom of the application. These fields are completely optional for the candidate, so they could choose to submit the application form without providing this information.

You can edit which fields appear for your candidates within your settings. You can also change the names of the fields to something you’d prefer. Learn more here.

Companies that choose Pinpoint

Attract 4 x more direct candidates
Make hires 40% faster
Spend 80% less time on admin

How Brooklyn Data Co. remove barriers to entry with diversity recruiting software

BDC needed an ATS as flexible and people-focused as they are—and they found their match in Pinpoint.

Brooklyn Data Company Diversity Recruiting Software
We saw lots of ATS examples, and Pinpoint was our favorite from the beginning. We needed something so user-friendly that everyone in the business could use it.
Alev Cagatay
Head of People, Pasta Evangelists

Improving diversity starts with recruitment

We’ll help you attract a diverse talent pool and reduce the risk of bias at every stage of the process.