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Recruitment Automation Software

Recruitment automation software for in-house recruiters.

Automate tedious processes, spend less time on admin, and make better hiring decisions with Pinpoint—recruitment automation software with unlimited support included.

Recruitment Automation Software
Recruitment Automation Software

Save Time

From candidate communication to interview scheduling, Pinpoint takes care of the repetitive manual tasks.

Engage Your Team

Make it easy to keep your team engaged with shared comments, scorecards, and automated reminders.

Make Better Hires

Attract the right candidates with powerful sourcing features, then make the right hire with advanced filtering and selection tools.

It used to take about two to three weeks to get through a single candidate lifecycle. So many of the manual processes would take me an hour instead of five minutes.
Eddie Abrams
VP of Engineering, BigHat Biosciences

What used to take an hour now takes 5 minutes. See how BigHat Biosciences did it.

Automated job board posting

Post to global job boards at the click of a button.

Posting to multiple job boards is fast and easy with one-click posting to hundreds of free and paid job boards.

Job Board Posting Software

Automated recruitment workflows

Keep everything under control with customizable recruitment workflows.

From job requisition approval workflows, through selection and onboarding, use standard workflows or customize them for each of your roles, departments, and locations. Streamline approval processes and automatically keep everyone up-to-date.

Recruitment Workflow Software

Automated interview scheduling

Schedule interviews without the back and forth of emails.

Interview scheduling should be simple. Now it is. Easily find a time that works for everyone. Send candidates a real-time view of available interview slots and let them book online.

Interview Scheduling Software

Automated recruitment analytics

Intelligent recruitment analytics, presented in a simple recruitment dashboard.

Automate your recruitment reporting and give anyone access to up-to-date recruitment analytics with the click of a button. Simple and powerful recruitment reports provide accurate answers to your most important recruiting questions.

Recruitment Dashboard Candidate Insights

Automated candidate communications

Keep candidates up-to-date and spend less time on email.

No more copying-in hiring teams. No more overflowing inboxes. A centralized inbox and customizable templates make great candidate communication fast, easy, and consistent. Send emails one-to-one and in bulk, both automatically or manually.

Candidate Email

Automated talent pipeline management

Keep your talent pools up-to-date, and find the right candidate for the right role automatically.

Your candidate data is automatically kept up-to-date with our “talent pipeline refresh” feature.

New vacancy? Pinpoint automatically suggests candidates from your talent pool that could be a good fit.

Talent Pool Pipeline Refresh

Companies that use Pinpoint save time

reduction in admin time with new workflow
senior roles filled within a few days
increase in efficiency of interview admin
increase in efficiency of candidate experience

Everything you need to attract, hire, and onboard top talent.

Recruitment Automation Software FAQs


What is recruiting automation software?


Recruiting automation software enables organizations to automate repetitive recruitment tasks and workflows.


Why use recruitment automation software?


Recruitment automation software helps recruiters:

  • Increase productivity
  • Attract better candidates
  • Offer a more consistent candidate experience
  • Reduce time-to-fill
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Reduce cost-per-hire
  • Improve compliance with data protection regulations

Who uses recruitment automation software?


Recruitment automation software is used by all sizes of organization that want to improve their hiring processes. The software is typically used by:

  • In-house talent acquisition and HR teams who “own” the system internally.
  • Hiring managers and hiring teams who use the system when they have specific vacancies they’re looking to fill.
  • Senior executives who use the system both for filling their own vacancies, and gathering management information about the recruitment function.
  • External recruiters, recruitment agencies, and headhunters that submit candidates to a client’s applicant tracking system, or who use some form of recruitment automation in their own candidate CRM.

What are the most popular recruitment automation tools?


The most popular recruitment automation systems for in-house recruiters are:

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TEDxToronto is reducing their recruitment admin time by 80%

TEDxToronto is a unique organization in more ways than one. First, they are Canada’s largest independent TED conference. And second, their workforce is completely volunteer-based.

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Hawk-Eye Innovations Technology Doesn’t Miss a Thing—And With Pinpoint, Neither Does Their Recruitment Process

If you’re a fan of sports—any sports—you’ve seen the impact that Hawk-Eye Innovations (now under the umbrella of Sony Sports Innovations) is making, even if you didn’t know it at the time.

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Grant Thornton Recruitment Case Study
Case study

Reducing admin and providing a professional candidate experience for Grant Thornton

After implementing Pinpoint, processes have been streamlined, the candidate experience has been improved, and recruitment admin has been significantly reduced.

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