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Candidate Experience Software

Offer the experience your candidates deserve

Candidate expectations are changing. Pinpoint makes it easy to keep up with their needs and consistently deliver a great candidate experience.

Candidate Experience Software
Candidate Experience Software


The best candidates have choice. Help them choose you.

Careers sites that don’t tell candidates what it's like to work somewhere. Painfully long application forms that don’t work on mobile. Spending hours submitting an application and then… crickets.

But it’s not surprising. Talent acquisition teams are over-stretched. Clunky outdated software and painfully slow support just make it harder.

We’re changing that.

Our talent acquisition software with unlimited support included makes it easier for you to do your job, and offer an exceptional candidate experience.

Candidate Experience Software

Candidates are looking for the right opportunity to stand out in the crowd

Get the right message, in front of the right people, at the right time using our employer branding tools and unlimited help from our team.

A custom careers website that turns visitors into candidates.

More than just a list of jobs, we'll craft a beautiful careers website that’s carefully designed to engage the right kinds of candidates.
Careers Website

Candidate-centric application forms that work for your team too

With mobile-friendly application forms that are easy to use and quick to complete, you’ll never miss out on great applicants again. Use QR codes to make it easier for candidates to apply wherever you meet them.
Online Job Application Form

Multilingual Candidate Experience

Your candidate experience in your candidate’s language.

Offer your careers website, application forms, and candidate emails in multiple languages. Attract more applicants, offer a better candidate experience, and improve the diversity of your talent pool.
Multilingual Candidate Experience

No more logging in and out, no more copying and pasting.

Make posting to job boards fast and hassle free, with one-click posting to hundreds of job boards.
Job Board Advertising Software
Pinpoint is easy to use and has enabled us to streamline our recruitment process and improve communication with our candidates.
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Sarah D.
HR Advisor

Candidates expect a fair process, the ability to self-serve, and to be kept in the loop—no matter what

We help you communicate better, make fairer hiring decisions, and streamline the process.

Keep everyone up to date and spend less time on email.

No more copying in hiring teams. No more overflowing inboxes. A centralized inbox and customizable templates makes great candidate communication fast, easy, and consistent.
Candidate Communication Management

Schedule interviews without the back and forth emails.

Easily find a time that works for everyone. Send candidates a real-time view of available interview slots and let them book online. Interview scheduling should be simple. Now it is.
Interview Scheduling Software

Reduce bias in your recruitment process

Automatically anonymize applications and ensure hiring teams assess applicants exclusively on their experience and skills.
Blind Recruitment Software

Keep everything under control with customizable recruitment workflows.

Create as many workflows as you need. Easily move candidates between workflow stages and quickly filter for candidates at a particular stage. Spend less time chasing, and more time hiring.
Recruitment Workflow Software
Pinpoint Support Team

More than just software

We’re the team you never knew you needed—a wealth of recruitment expertise dedicated to helping you thrive when faced with changing priorities and best practices.

Whether it’s optimizing your recruitment advertising or improving your job descriptions, you’ll get unlimited access to our team of experts whose only job is to help you attract, hire, and onboard top talent.

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Offer a better candidate experience with Pinpoint

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