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Candidate Experience Software

Give your candidates the experience they deserve

Pinpoint is the applicant tracking system with candidate experience software built-in. Make hiring easier for your team—and delightful for your candidates.

Candidate experience software
Candidate experience software

Trusted by leading talent teams

Candidate experience software that enhances your employer brand


Keep your corporate and employer brands aligned. Use your own house styles, photos, and videos.


Easily configure and update hiring workflows, career page, applications, and job posts whenever you need.


Reduce admin and increase efficiency so you can keep candidates updated.

Employer Brand 

Control your employer brand

You have just minutes to get—and keep—a candidate’s attention.

Pinpoint makes it easy to make a great first impression with on-brand careers sites and simple applications.

Highlight your employer value proposition with engaging content, company videos, and manager profiles.

Prepare candidates for the hiring process with interview process timelines.

Make changes as needed so your corporate and employer brands stay aligned.

Careers Website Candidate Experience Software

Job Posting

Meet job seekers where they are

Even if your company has a strong brand, it can be hard to attract the best candidates if you aren’t on the same channels.

Pinpoint integrates with hundreds of job boards and social media platforms so you can attract more candidates—easily.

Post jobs in a flash, and qualified candidates can apply directly from their favorite sites.

Reach candidates on-the-go with QR codes and mobile optimized applications.

Expand your talent pool with multilingual careers sites, job descriptions, and applications.

candidate experience software job posting
Every question that I have is spelled out. It's awesome, and says a lot about your company.”
A happy candidate

Interview Scheduling

Schedule interviews without the back-and-forth

Recruiters are constantly stretched for time. It shouldn’t be wasted on calendar management.

Automate interview scheduling directly from Pinpoint.

Send candidates a real-time view of available interview slots and let them book online.

Integrate with popular calendars like Google, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud.

Interview Scheduling Software Invitation Example

Candidate Communication

Keep candidates engaged and in-the-loop

Your candidates expect timely responses during the hiring process. But when recruiters are faced with an overflowing inbox, this can feel impossible.

Pinpoint centralizes candidate communications so they are easier to manage and keep consistent.

Quickly update candidates with automated touchpoints, editable templates, and SMS.

candidate experience software candidate emails

Reporting & Analytics

Get actionable candidate feedback

Candidate expectations are always changing. If you don’t know what those are, you can’t get better.

Automatically request feedback from every candidate who’s been part of your recruitment process.

Identify areas for improvement in the candidate journey and track progress over time.

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Offer a better candidate experience with Pinpoint

We'd love to show you how. Watch the on-demand demo video today.

Even more candidate experience tools at your fingertips

Pinpoint integrates with video interviewing tools, assessments, sourcing tools, background checks, and more.

Candidate Experience Software Integrations

The most common questions about Pinpoint’s candidate experience software


Do you have any examples of other businesses that use Pinpoint and can I see their careers websites?


What does the candidate experience look like if I am applying from mobile?


Pinpoint careers sites and applications are optimized so they are just as beautiful on mobile as they are on a desktop. See it in action with this short demo.


Can you customize application questions?


Yes. When creating a new job (or editing an existing one) you can add your own custom questions. For example, you can create custom “knock-out” questions that automatically tag and reject candidates based on their responses. Learn more about custom application questions here.

Companies that choose Pinpoint

Attract 4 x more direct candidates
Make hires 40% faster
Improve NPS by 60%

How L’Occitane improved candidate NPS by 60%

Candidate experience reports can be painful to read, but they can also be a gold mine of feedback. Discover how L’Occitane used data to create a more positive candidate experience.

L'Occitane Pinpoint Case Study Candidate Experience
Candidates have told us, ‘When I saw your system, I knew right away that Twinings would be a great company to work for, because you have a great platform.’
Sophie Rogers
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Twinings

Discover how you can give candidates a better experience with Pinpoint