Candidate sourcing software

Consistently attract more of the best candidates.

Attract relevant, engaged applicants by applying modern marketing techniques to your candidate sourcing strategy.

Candidate hired with Candidate Sourcing Software

Automate your candidate search

Get great opportunities in front of your ideal candidates using targeted social advertising.

Evolve your employer brand

Build a reputation as a great place to work and encourage people to look for opportunities at your organisation in the future.

Reduce your recruitment costs

We're great at reducing your reliance on agencies. Expect to save around 80% per hire with Pinpoint.

Candidate Sourcing Tools

Sourcing top talent just got easier

Pinpoint is ideal if:

  • You want to reduce your recruitment costs, without sacrificing applicant quality or volume.
  • You want candidates to understand why yours is a great place to work.
  • You want to promote your vacancies without bothering your marketing team.
  • You need more of the right type of candidate.
  • You’re spending money on recruitment marketing but aren’t getting consistent results.
  • You want to make sure you get to potential candidates before your competitors.
  • You rely on expensive recruitment agencies - occasionally you might experiment with another channel but are still struggling to find the right people.

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Jersey Electricity are reducing their recruitment costs by 83%.

They’ve also attracted 3x more applicants and filled some very competitive roles using Pinpoint’s social advertising tools. If this success continues, they’ll achieve a 20x ROI on Pinpoint this year.

83% Cost savings
20x ROI in year one
Claire Perchard

Candidate Sourcing Features

Source More Top Candidates

Unless you have hundreds of candidates for every role you’re advertising and a full talent pipeline, your problem is sourcing, not selection. Our candidate sourcing tools will help you to:

  • Get access to candidates that wouldn’t previously have known about your organisation.
  • Expand your reach into other territories.
  • Build a talent pipeline allowing you to make faster, better hiring decisions in future.
  • Reduce reliance on third parties and eliminate variability in cost.
  • Take control of your own recruitment marketing.
  • Encourage candidates to apply by making the process frictionless.

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Branded Careers Website

You don't need an IT department to advertise vacancies

Easily create jobs within Pinpoint and have them automatically appear on your branded careers portal. No need to speak to the IT department to get your website updated - you’ll be up and running in just a few minutes.

Careers Website Example

Customisable Online Application Forms

Get the information you need whilst keeping your candidates engaged

Great candidates choose not to apply when application forms are onerous.

Collect all the information you need, and nothing more, using an online application form that you can quickly customise right within Pinpoint.

Digital Job Application Form on Tablet

Candidate Source Reporting

Scale your candidate sourcing process with confidence

Attracting more of the best talent and improving your recruitment ROI is easy when you understand which channels are bringing you the best candidates at the lowest costs.

Pinpoint gives you the same level of sophisticated reporting and analytics you’ve come to expect from Finance or Marketing, helping you make educated, data-informed decisions at every step of the hiring process.

Pinpoint user on laptop using candidate source report

Talent Pipeline

Keep track of engaged candidates who could fill future vacancies

These candidates know about your brand well enough to have registered their interest in joining your team or they've applied for a role in the past. You know enough about them that you know where they might fit into your team in the future.

Having a database of warm candidates makes forecasting easier and means you're prepared to fill future vacancies quickly, and without additional agency fees and advertising costs.

User with tablet and talent pipeline software