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Link your BreatheHR account directly with Pinpoint so you don’t have to choose between making great hires and offering a great employee experience.

The perfect integration of a powerful recruiting tool and robust HRIS without compromise

With a full suite of products ready to manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle, BreatheHR is a go-to choice for small/medium size businesses looking to support their people.

But what about before they’re employees? That’s where Pinpoint comes in. By integrating Pinpoint’s applicant tracking system with BreatheHR, you can continue to hire the best people without sacrificing their candidate experience.

With Pinpoint and BreatheHR you can seamlessly:

  • Manage your entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to retention
  • Deliver a standout applicant experience, giving candidates the best recruitment process available
  • Push your new employee’s data directly into BreatheHR with one click
  • Access best in class recruiting tools and features to make better hires, faster with things like a custom careers sites and mobile-friendly application processes

Not receiving top-tier applications through traditional channels?

Feel as though you’re missing out on the best candidates for your roles? It could be because you don’t have access to the right recruitment marketing tools and a compelling careers website.

When you integrate Pinpoint and BreatheHR, you are opening the door to our product suite and have the ability to find the best prospects, move them through your pipeline, and keep their data tightly integrated with your HRIS.

Trying to improve your recruiting process without the upheaval of changing your HRIS?

Let Pinpoint do the work for you while you focus on doing what you do best. As your recruiting needs mature, Pinpoint can help ensure you never miss a beat and remove the task of manual data entry to get your new hire setup and ready to go from day 1. And with just 1 click!


Just how easy is it?

Easily push your hired candidate data from Pinpoint into BreatheHR by:

  • Enabling the BreatheHR integration in Pinpoint
  • Selecting a candidate in Pinpoint after an offer has been accepted
  • Verifying all the information being pushed into Pinpoint via the candidates CV
  • Clicking ‘Send to BreatheHR’

Got 30 minutes?

See how Pinpoint + BreatheHR can transform the way you attract, hire, and onboard talent.

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