Interview Scheduling Software

Scheduling interviews should be easy. Now it is.

Finding a time that works for everyone, keeping track of emails, and making sure candidates get a great experience is a massive burden on recruitment teams. Our interview scheduling software automates the whole process saving you time and providing a better candidate experience.

Interview Scheduling Software

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts

Synchronize your hiring team's calendars with Pinpoint and eliminate interview scheduling conflicts.

Spend Less Time on Admin

Invite multiple applicants to interview with one click. No more emails going back and forth to schedule an interview.

Give Candidates Choice

Provide an exceptional candidate experience by giving candidates the freedom to choose a time that suits them.

Interview Scheduling Tools

Inviting Candidates to Interview is Simple

Calendar Integration

Set up calendar integrations to prevent scheduling conflicts when your hiring team's availability changes.

Interview Calendar Integration

Set up the Interview

Choose an interview type and choose which hiring team members will be involved.

Interview Configuration

Create Interview Slots

Create interview slots for your candidates to choose from.

Interview Scheduling Availability

Invite Candidates to Interview

Invite candidates to interview using branded email templates.

Interview Invitation
Interview Calendar Integration Interview Configuration Interview Scheduling Availability Interview Invitation
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Giving applicants to option to book their own interview doesn't just help us offer a great candidate experience - it's also a great time saver.
Matt Chatterley

Owner, Codentia

Candidate Experience

Candidates Choose a Time That Suits Them

Branded Interview Invitations

Candidates receive an invitation to interview by email.

Interview Scheduling Email

Candidate Schedule an Interview

Candidate schedule their own interview based on your hiring team's up-to-date availability.

Interview Scheduling Software Screen

Interview Confirmation

Candidates and your hiring team all receive interview confirmations. The interview is automatically added to your hiring team's calendars

Interview Confirmation
Interview Scheduling Email Interview Scheduling Software Screen Interview Confirmation

Interview Scheduling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pinpoint's interview scheduler include email templates?

Yes, candidates receive an interview invitation email and interview confirmation email. The template is stored in Pinpoint and is fully branded for your company.

Will Pinpoint's interview scheduler sync with any calendar?

Pinpoint currently syncs with iCloud, Exchange, Google, Outlook, and Office 365 calendars.

Can we have more than one interview for a role?

Yes, you can have more than one interview as part of your hiring process and you can easily assign different hiring team members and interview slots to each interview.

How do candidates schedule their interview?

When you invite a candidate to interview, they'll receive an invitation email with a link to schedule their interview through an online self-service portal.

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