Recruitment Case Study

Streamlining The Hiring Process For Guernsey Electricity

Discover how Pinpoint is helping Guernsey Electricity improve their candidate experience, make better hiring decisions, and streamline recruitment admin.

Guernsey Electricity Recruitment Case Study

Making better hiring decisions

Standardised scoring and feedback tools make it easier for hiring teams to give feedback on candidates.

Attracting and hiring the best talent

Improving the candidate experience is making it easier to attract and hire more of the best candidates.

The right data at the right time

No more waiting for HR to produce a report. Easy access to recruitment data for any area of the business for anyone with permission to access it.

Guernsey Electricity
The tool is extremely easy to use and the functionality is really good. This is my first experience of using an online recruitment tool and I have to say I have been really impressed with the functionality and customer experience.
Sharon Spruce

HR Business Partner, Guernsey Electricity

How We're Helping

Making Hiring Easier

More great candidates and simple selection tools make hiring top talent easier.

Improving Candidate Experience

Branded Careers Website

Before Pinpoint

Guernsey Electricity's HR team couldn't update their careers website without support from IT so it was easy for the roles being advertised to become out of date. Candidates applied via email.

After Pinpoint

Guernsey Electricity have a modern careers portal that is automatically updated whenever a role is changed in Pinpoint.

Candidates can apply quickly through an online application form with the option to populate information from their LinkedIn profile or to upload a CV.

The HR team can customise the application form on a job-by-job basis so they can ask the right questions for each role.

Mobile Candidate Experience

Building a Talent Pool

Talent Pipeline

Before Pinpoint

Guernsey Electricity had no central system to store information about past and present vacancies and candidates.

After Pinpoint

All vacancies are advertised through Guernsey Electricity's branded careers page and applications are stored in their recruitment CRM.

Candidates who scored highly during the recruitment process but who weren't the best fit for the role are added to the talent pipeline. This means that the HR team have a great pool of candidates to choose from when they are looking to fill a position in the future.

Growing a talent pool

Collaborative Hiring Made Easy

Selection Tools

Before Pinpoint

One HR person can't be expected to select the best candidates for the wide range of complex technical roles in the business. But collecting, understanding, and reviewing feedback from hiring managers was time consuming.

After Pinpoint

28 members of Guernsey Electricity's team now collaborate on hiring decisions using Pinpoint. They work together to score candidates based on standard sets of pre-agreed criteria and their feedback is all stored within Pinpoint. The HR team no longer have to interpret subjective feedback in order to decide who to interview.

This, combined with the use of pre-screening questions, is resulting in faster, better hiring decisions.

Selecting candidates through ATS
Guernsey Electricity
An amazingly simple concept, delivered by the Pinpoint team with gusto and tremendous customer treatment. I was so impressed that I've recommended Pinpoint to another company with c.500 employees who signed up straight away. It's saving us time, and therefore money, and really improves the candidate experience. I think the pricing offers good value for money so it was not difficult to take a test drive and then sign up for a year!
Nigel Jeacock-Fewtrell

Head of Change, Guernsey Electricity

How We're Helping

Reducing Recruitment Admin

Helping Guernsey Electricity's HR team spend more time on the things that matter.

No More Manual Reporting

Automating Reporting

Before Pinpoint

Because so many people are involved in each hire, and information was stored in multiple locations, reporting on recruitment was time consuming and could easily become inaccurate.

After Pinpoint

Senior management no longer have to ask HR for reports or status updates on recruitment. They simply log into Pinpoint and get instant access to the most up to date information.

Recruitment statistics report

Taking the pain out of interview scheduling

Automated Interview Scheduling

Before Pinpoint

The process of providing updates to candidates one-on-one was time consuming and the process of scheduling interviews was inefficient with lots of back and forth between HR, candidates, and hiring managers.

After Pinpoint

It now takes less than 10 minutes to schedule interviews for a role, no matter how many interviewers are involved or how many candidates are being invited to interview.

Candidates are given the flexibility to choose from a range of times that are convenient to them and to book instantly online.

Setting up automated interview scheduling

We’re just like an extension of your in-house recruitment team. If you don’t have one, you’ll soon feel like you do.

If you have questions about how your company can benefit from Pinpoint, we have an amazing team ready and waiting to support you.

Simon De La Haye
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