Jersey Electricity Recruitment Case Study

Reducing Recruitment Costs by 83%

What would it mean if you could precisely target your recruitment advertising to exactly the right type of potential applicants?

For Jersey Electricity it means reducing recruitment costs by 83% and attracting 200% more applicants.

Jersey Electricity Recruitment Case Study

200% more applicants

Targeted recruitment advertising and a beautiful careers site are resulting in more direct applicants than ever before.

83% reduction in cost

A larger candidate pool, and powerful selection tools means more roles are being filled at lower average cost per hire.

Better hiring decisions

Hiring the best talent is easier when you have a wider choice of candidates, and the right selection tools.

HR team using Pinpoint ATS
Pinpoint is easy to use and means you can train hiring managers in-house in minutes. Using the software to set up pre-screening questions makes shortlisting candidates a quicker and fairer process. It has changed the way my team work and has enabled them to concentrate on value added tasks.
Claire Perchard

Senior HR Business Partner, Jersey Electricity

How they're doing it

Improving candidate experience, sourcing, and selection has made the difference. Improving one
but not the other won't move the needle.

Highly Targeted Recruitment Advertising

Jersey Electricity's HR team are attracting more applicants using highly targeted social media recruitment campaigns that they create with just a few clicks.

An Intuitive Candidate Experience

Controlled by the HR team, and automatically kept up to date, Jersey Electricity's branded careers website is intuitive to use and applicants apply through a customizable online form.

The Right Information From the Right Applicant

The online application form can be customized on a job-by-job basis meaning the HR team can ask exactly the right questions to assess applicants for each role.

Removing Bias from the Hiring Process

By anonymizing candidate profiles, the risk of unconscious bias is removed from the hiring process.

Assessing Hiring Team Feedback

Gathering feedback on applicants is easy with built-in, customizable scoring and internal feedback tools.

Automating Interview Scheduling

The HR team are saving hours of back-and-forth with candidates by automating the interview scheduling process.

Candidate Data Management

Résumés, applications, hiring team comments, and candidate correspondence are all stored in Pinpoint and can be easily shared between team members.

Building a Talent Pipeline

Recruitment is becoming progressively easier - the team are building a pool of candidates that are interested in joining the team but haven't been hired for a role yet.

Jersey Electricity
The simplicity of Pinpoint and the ease of integration is what I like the most about this software. The team were up to speed with little downtime in training and we were able to integrate the software with our website within a few hours.
Andrew Welsby

HR Director

Ready to start attracting more of the best talent?

If you have questions about how your team could reduce recruitment costs and make better, faster hires, we have an amazing team ready and waiting to support you.

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