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Reduce Recruitment Costs

Get more from your recruitment budget.

Simple, intelligent software and unlimited support from our team makes recruiting in a cost-conscious world easier.

Reduce Recruitment Costs
Reduce Recruitment Costs

Let's talk recruitment agencies.

They’re expensive. They throw lots of "OK" candidates over the fence in the hope someone sticks. And you miss out on building your own talent pipeline.

But what if you had the tools to take away the admin, offer a stand-out candidate experience, and get a consistent stream of quality direct applicants when you need them?

And what if that could be delivered for a fraction of the cost of using recruitment agencies?

Meet Pinpoint—the all-in-one talent acquisition software with unlimited support included.

Reducing Recruitment Agencies

We believe direct hiring is the future, and we're here to help you get there.

Attract quality direct applicants

Get the right tools and advice to consistently attract the right candidates, at the right time, without relying on recruitment agencies.

Automate repetitive admin

Spend less time on admin, and offer a better a candidate experience with tools like email automation and interview scheduling.

Prove your ROI

Prove your return on investment and improve your recruitment using our comprehensive reporting that's easy to interpret.

Laura Belo - Head of Talent Acquisition
After less than a month of having this solution we are already seeing the benefits.
Laura Belo
Head of Talent Acquisition, JT Group

Consistently attract the right candidates, at the right time.

A custom careers website that turns visitors into candidates.

More than just a list of jobs, we'll craft a beautiful careers website that’s carefully designed to engage the right kinds of candidates.
Careers Website

No more logging in and out, no more copying and pasting.

Make posting to job boards fast and hassle free, with one-click posting to hundreds of job boards.
Job Board Advertising Software

Your next great hire’s already in your network. Pinpoint helps you meet them.

Pinpoint simplifies the process for companies already offering an employee referral program and makes it easy for those that want to get started.
Employee Referral Software

Automate tedious processes, and offer a better candidate experience.

Everything you need to know about a candidate in one location.

Easily search for candidate profiles then surface their whole history including applications, summary, résumé, hiring team feedback, and communication history.
Candidate Profiles

Keep everyone up to date and spend less time on email.

No more copying in hiring teams. No more overflowing inboxes. A centralized inbox and customizable templates makes great candidate communication fast, easy, and consistent.
Candidate Communication Management

Schedule interviews without the back and forth emails.

Easily find a time that works for everyone. Send candidates a real-time view of available interview slots and let them book online. Interview scheduling should be simple. Now it is.
Interview Scheduling Software

Team Collaboration

The easy way to engage your team.

Create multiple hiring teams, configure permissions, and set up notifications, ensuring the right people get the right information at the right time.
Hiring Team Collaboration

Keep everything under control with customizable recruitment workflows.

Create as many workflows as you need. Easily move candidates between workflow stages and quickly filter for candidates at a particular stage. Spend less time chasing, and more time hiring.
Recruitment Workflow Software
It's been a huge success internally, in terms of the on-boarding, embedding and daily use. We have cut agency fees and we now know that in the market our brand presence is strong.
JT Logo
Casey Nutley
Human Resources Officer, JT Group

Prove your return on investment.

Understand which channels deliver you the best applicants and prove your return on investment with detailed reporting that's easy to interpret.

Make better decisions with the right data.

Quickly identify insights that matter. Simple, powerful reports provide accurate answers to your most important questions and make management reporting a breeze.
Recruitment Dashboard Software

In-house recruitment teams that choose Pinpoint:

Reduce recruitment agency spend by 83%
Make 4x more direct hires
Spend 80% less time on admin

Ready to get more from your recruitment budget?

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