Candidate selection software

Identify your best candidates faster.

There’s no such thing as too many candidates when you have the tools to quickly identify the one that will be the best fit for the role.

Candidate Sourcing Interview with Recruiter

Candidate Selection Tools

More candidates should mean more choice, not a selection headache.

Intelligent selection tools help you quickly identify the gold amongst your applicants.

Standardised Candidate Profiles

Spend more time getting to know candidates

Pinpoint automatically reads, extracts, and presents the contents of every candidate’s résumé in a consistent fashion (known as résumé parsing), whilst also succinctly summarising the candidate for you, making your initial review much simpler and saving valuable time.

Pinpoint scours the web, sourcing relevant information about the candidate and displaying it in one consolidated view to the hiring team.

ecruiters reviewing candidate profiles

Intelligent Candidate Filtering

Quickly identify candidates that fit your requirements

Filter candidates based on responses to questions on your application form and automatically assign candidates to different stages of your hiring funnel based on the results.

HR team member filtering candidates

Custom Hiring Workflows

Keep track of candidates from the time they apply to the point they are hired

Maintain structure in your hiring process with custom hiring workflows. Create unique hiring workflows for different types of position and re-use workflows for similar jobs in the future.

Quickly report on the progress of filling your vacancy, and look back at which hiring workflows resulted in the best hires.

HR team members using hiring pipeline

Collaborative Team Feedback

A fair, standardised and unbiased assessment process

The easy way to collate feedback from your hiring team.

Create multiple hiring teams, configure permissions and setup email notifications, ensuring the right people get the right information at the right time.

Easily review, rate and comment on candidates. Get a full overview, share thoughts and feedback with your team. Give a score to any candidate, helping to establish a hiring consensus quickly and making it easy to compare candidates in a consistent fashion.

HR team selecting candidates

Blind Recruitment

Remove bias from the hiring process

Reduce the risk of bias (conscious or unconscious) in hiring decisions by removing all personally identifiable data such as names and dates from the candidate's application information before your hiring team make their assessment.

Simply turn on the Blind Recruitment feature for a specific job and Pinpoint will do the rest.

Recruiter using Blind Hiring Tools
Jersey Electricity Job Candidates
I like the way that Pinpoint collates the information from the submitted resumes and applied them in a logical order outlining the compatibility of the skills to the role.
Paul Sohier

Asset Team - Admin Team Leader, Jersey Electricity