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Recruitment Marketing Platform

Recruitment marketing automation platform for in-house recruiters.

With Pinpoint's intelligent recruitment marketing platform and unlimited help from our team, you’ll never worry about attracting and hiring the right candidates again.

Recruitment Marketing Platform

Stand Out From the Competition

Gain an edge on the competition with savvy marketing strategies, state of the art careers sites, engaging job descriptions, and an easy hiring process.

Attract Better Candidates

With our recruitment marketing platform and unlimited help from our team, you’ll never worry about attracting the right candidates again.

Make Better Hires, Faster

More 'good fit' candidates, and a more engaging experience means you'll make better hires, faster.

Laura Belo - Head of Talent Acquisition
After less than a month of having this solution we are already seeing the benefits.
Laura Belo
Head of Talent Acquisition, JT Group

Recruitment Marketing Software Features

No more logging in and out, no more copying and pasting.

Make posting to job boards fast and hassle free, with one-click posting to hundreds of job boards.
Job Board Advertising Software

Your next great hire’s already in your network. Pinpoint helps you meet them.

Pinpoint simplifies the process for companies already offering an employee referral program and makes it easy for those that want to get started.
Employee Referral Software

A custom careers website that turns visitors into candidates.

More than just a list of jobs, we'll craft a beautiful careers website that’s carefully designed to engage the right kinds of candidates.
Careers Website Candidate Experience Software

Candidate-centric application forms that work for your team too

With mobile-friendly application forms that are easy to use and quick to complete, you’ll never miss out on great applicants again. Use QR codes to make it easier for candidates to apply wherever you meet them.
Online Job Application Form

Remember the best people you haven’t hired, yet.

Build a database of candidates interested in working for your organization. New vacancy? Quickly identify candidates you already know could be a great fit.
Talent Pool Software

Everything you need to know about a candidate in one location

Easily search for candidate profiles then surface their whole history including applications, summary, résumé, hiring team feedback, and communication history. Get summaries of their experiences and qualifications to review profiles more efficiently.
Candidate Profiles

Multilingual Candidate Experience

Your candidate experience in your candidate’s language.

Offer your careers website, application forms, and candidate emails in multiple languages. Attract more applicants, offer a better candidate experience, and improve the diversity of your talent pool.
Multilingual Candidate Experience

Keep everyone up to date and spend less time on email.

No more copying in hiring teams. No more overflowing inboxes. A centralized inbox and customizable templates makes great candidate communication fast, easy, and consistent.
Candidate Communication Management

Make better decisions with the right data.

Quickly identify insights that matter. Simple, powerful reports provide accurate answers to your most important questions and make management reporting a breeze.
Recruitment Dashboard Software

Everything you need to attract, hire, and onboard top talent.

Recruitment Marketing Automation Software FAQs


What is a recruitment marketing platform?


Recruitment marketing platforms help internal recruitment teams attract and hire the right candidates

Many features of recruitment marketing platforms are similar to what you’d find in traditional inbound marketing platforms like HubSpot, that are used to attract customers to businesses.

Recruitment marketing platforms typically include tools to:

  • Run programmatic recruitment advertising campaigns across social media and other digital channels.
  • Post jobs to multiple job boards, automatically.
  • Manage your careers website content, job descriptions, and application forms.
  • Provide in-depth source reporting to help you understand which channels deliver your best candidates.
  • Help you manage candidates in a candidate CRM.
  • Manage your talent pool.
  • Manage the recruitment and onboarding process, or integrate with third party applicant tracking systems that do.

What are the benefits of recruitment marketing platforms?


Recruitment marketing platforms help recruitment teams to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Attract quality applicants
  • Personalize the candidate experience
  • Build candidate pools
  • Keep candidates engaged
  • Use data to improve sourcing over time

Through a deep integration with your applicant tracking system, the best recruitment marketing platforms help you run programmatic recruitment campaigns that get smarter over time.


Can I use Pinpoint’s recruitment marketing software with my existing ATS?


No. Pinpoint’s recruitment marketing software is one part of our overall applicant tracking software so it can’t be used stand-alone or with your existing ATS.

We do integrate with a huge number of HR Information and Payroll systems though – so if you’re considering investing in a new applicant tracking system with a built in recruitment marketing platform we’re likely to be able to easily integrate with the rest of your HR tech stack.


What are the benefits of recruitment marketing software being an integral part of an ATS?


Recruitment marketing platforms can be stand-alone or an integral part of your applicant tracking system. We usually describe Pinpoint as “talent acquisition software” because we cover the whole recruitment lifecycle – both sourcing (recruitment marketing) and selection (what you’d expect from a traditional applicant tracking system).

The benefit of this is, over time, our recruitment marketing automation tools get smarter – understanding more about the candidates you like the most and helping you attract more like them. Without understanding how far through the recruitment process your candidates get and how you rank them, that wouldn’t be possible.

Our clients:

Attract 4 x more direct candidates
Spend 80% less time on admin
Make hires 40% faster
Reduce recruitment agency spend by 83%

Get the most out of your ATS

We make Pinpoint work for the way you recruit.

We’ll ensure your team is set up for success so you can achieve your recruitment goals year-over-year.

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Pinpoint are keen to listen to any ideas and care about providing our team with a great service.
Claire Perchard
HR Business Partner, Jersey Electricity

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