Recruitment software

Growing your team just got easier.

Pinpoint is end-to-end recruitment software designed to make finding, assessing and hiring the right people simpler. Attract top talent and make applying a breeze.

Recruitment Software

Attract your dream candidates

Attract the talent your business needs to thrive and offer a fantastic candidate experience throughout their application process.

Select the best talent

Easily compare and communicate with candidates, collaborate with your hiring team, save time and make data driven hiring decisions.

Grow your team

When you hire great people and empower them, they attract other likeminded people want to work with you.

Attract and Hire Top Talent with Modern Recruiting Software

Pinpoint is ideal if:

  • You’re trying to recruit in a competitive market for talent.
  • You want to attract, hire and retain the best talent.
  • You rely on expensive recruitment agencies and occasionally try posting on a job board or in a local or industry publication but are still struggling to find the right people.
  • You need more of the right type of candidate
  • You want to search past candidates and rediscover great people who might fit a new vacancy.
  • You want to make sure you get to potential candidates before your competitors do.

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HR team using Pinpoint Recruitment Software
Pinpoint is an amazing piece of technology that has transformed the way in which we manage applicants. It removes many of the administrative risks that exist when manually tracking applicants and candidates and makes the process very straight forward for the hiring manager.
Matt Ebbrell

HR Director · Fairway Group

Modern Recruitment Software

Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Focus on engaging your choice of top candidates whilst we automate your sourcing, automate your admin, and help you prove ROI on your recruitment strategy.

Candidate Sourcing

Consistently attract more of the best candidates.

  • Attract more applicants at lower cost with targeted social media advertising campaigns right within Pinpoint.
  • Easily create digital application forms tailored to tailored to individual roles.
  • Advertise vacancies on your branded careers website without speaking to IT.
  • Quickly identify candidates you’ve engaged with in the past who might be suited to a vacancy your are currently filling.
  • Prove your recruitment ROI with advanced recruitment analytics.
Candidate looking at job ad on mobile

Applicant Tracking / Recruitment CRM

All of your candidate information in one secure location.

  • Capture and track applicant data in one central location.
  • Manage candidates throughout the whole recruitment process.
  • Streamline candidate communication with email templates and bulk email options.
  • Centralise your candidate communication rather than storing important information in your inbox.
  • Schedule interviews automatically by allowing candidates to select a time that suits them based on the availability of your hiring team.
  • Quickly report on progress of filling your vacancies.
  • Create custom hiring processes that match the unique system your follow for each type of hire.
HR manager using ATS software

Candidate Selection

Quickly identify the best candidates and work with your whole team to make better hiring decisions.

  • Quickly filter applicants to identify which ones are most suited to the role.
  • Collaborate with your hiring team to review, rate, and comment on any candidate ensuring consistent candidate evaluation and a fast consensus on who to hire.
  • Review information about candidates in a standardised, consistent format including a succinct summary for each candidate.
  • Gather information about candidates from around the web in one consolidated view.
  • Standardise your evaluation process using candidate scorecards.
  • Easily capture interview feedback in free text format or using custom hiring scorecards.
  • Make better, fairer hiring decisions with blind recruiting software.
HR team reviewing candidates on ATS