Blind Recruitment Software

Reducing bias in the recruitment process.

Blind recruitment software automatically anonymizes applications and resumes helping you reduce the risk of bias in the recruitment process by assessing applicants exclusively on their experience, skills and qualifications.

Blind Recruitment Software

Blind Hiring

Can you guarantee unbiased hiring decisions?

Blind recruitment software is ideal if:

  • You want to reduce the risk of bias (conscious or unconscious) in your selection process.
  • You want to demonstrate that you take discrimination seriously.
  • You want to diversify your workforce.
  • You don't want to overlook great candidates by accident.
  • You want hiring teams to focus on factors critical to successful performance.

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HR team using Pinpoint ATS
Pinpoint is easy to use and means you can train hiring managers in-house in minutes. Using the software to set up pre-screening questions makes shortlisting candidates a quicker and fairer process. It has changed the way my team work and has enabled them to concentrate on value added tasks.
Claire Perchard

Senior HR Business Partner, Jersey Electricity

Blind Recruiting Software Features

How The Software Works

Turn on Blind Recruitment

Choose whether to use blind recruitment on a job-by-job basis. Turn it on or off at the tick of a box.

Blind Recruiting

Candidate Data is Anonymized

When blind hiring is turned on, Pinpoint automatically hides information like names, phone numbers, and dates of birth that could result in bias.

Blind Recruitment Candidates List

Review Anonymized Candidate Profiles

Pinpoint reads the contents of the resumes and applications, then presents them to your hiring team in an anonymized format.

Blind Screening Candidate Profile
Blind Recruiting Blind Recruitment Candidates List Blind Screening Candidate Profile

Blind Hiring FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blind Recruitment?

Blind recruitment (also known as blind hiring or blind screening) is the process of removing all information from resumes and applications that could result in conscious or unconscious bias during the hiring process.

What information does Pinpoint’s blind recruitment software anonymize?

Pinpoint’s blind recruitment feature removes the applicant's name, contact information, age, gender, race, and photo from applications and resumes.

What is name blind recruitment?

Name blind recruitment is the process of removing candidate names from applications and resumes. It’s a form of blind recruitment but because it only disguises the candidate’s name, it’s not as effective at reducing bias as a full blind hiring process.

Name blind recruiting is usually chosen by companies that want to get started with blind recruiting but find completely anonymizing resumes and applications too time consuming because they don't have blind recruiting software to automate the process.

What are the limitations of blind recruitment?

Blind recruitment is often billed as a quick fix for improving diversity. But there are two key limitations:

  • If there isn’t a diverse candidate pool, blind recruitment won’t improve diversity.
  • Blind recruitment only works during the pre-interview selection process. Once candidates arrive for interview, bias can still creep in. That’s why we recommend using interview scorecards to help make the process as objective as possible.

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