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Average time to hire report, Spring 2024

May 13th, 2024 5 minute read
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Time to hire fell 18% over the last 2 years, according to data from over 160,000 hires. Here's what it means for recruiters.

Average time to hire benchmarks

Average time to hire was 31 days in 2023, which is a decline of 18% from the 2022 average.

That’s according to data from more than 160,000 hires made by Pinpoint customers across the last 2 years, across a wide range of company sizes and industries. For the purposes of this report, we’ve defined time to hire as the time it takes the one successful candidate to move through the recruitment process, from application to offer acceptance.

Average time to hire is now 31 days, which is a decline of 18% since 2022.

As you’d expect, time to hire roughly correlates with seniority level, but there’s a lot of overlap at the upper and lower ends of the range for each level.

For example, technical and skilled roles have a very wide range. At the upper end, they have a similar time to hire as the upper end of the senior management and executive level. But at the lower end, they’re similar to other individual contributor roles.

How to improve time to hire

Find your bottlenecks

Track the time candidates spend in each stage so you can look for ways to shorten individual stages.

Common challenges include:

  • Getting bogged down at application review
  • Losing time checking in on availability for interviews
  • Too many steps involved in sending or signing offers
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Speed up application review

Explore the settings in your ATS for how the interface presents applications to you. Our customers have found they can review candidates up to 75% faster by using Pinpoint’s candidate queue or split screen mode.

You can also try using automation on application questions to reject candidates that don’t meet hard requirements like shift availability. Or apply a tag to profiles that meet certain criteria, such as a certain class of driving license.

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Speed up the interview stage

Automated interview scheduling has helped customers reduce time candidates spend in the interview stage by up to 50%.

And hiring managers at a chemical manufacturing company hired faster when they switched from using manual workarounds to Pinpoint’s interview kits, which include everything they need in the calendar invite.

Tag candidates in Pinpoint to easily filter and search by your preferred criteria.

Speed up background checks & offers

When background checks integrate with your ATS and pull the results directly into the candidate profile, the hiring team can review and make a decision much faster.

E-signatures and more automated offer management helped a Pinpoint customer in the manufacturing industry reduce time to sign contracts down to about 1 hour.

Pinpoint duplicate offer functionality

Want more data?

Explore our Recruitment Trends site to get benchmarks for key recruiting metrics by industry and seniority level.

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